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Art Panorama in Dubai… with creative touches from 22 countries


90 works by 42 artists from 22 countries were showcased through the “Made in Dashkeel” exhibition at the Dashkeel Center celebrating Dubai’s art scene through diverse works. The 12th edition of the exhibition reflects the depth and diversity of artistic practices in the UAE, be it installation works or photography and video, and all forms of printing and laser cutting, as well as fashion and jewellery. The works belong to several creative members, artists-in-residence, workshop practitioners and participants of the Tashkeel Center in Dubai.

The exhibition, which runs until August 31, presents a wide range of works representing different styles, including photography or composition, installation and printmaking. Some of the works reflect Dubai, including that of artist Alonzo Guevara, who presents meditative experiences from the city in his paintings in a work titled “The Face of Light.”

Artist Amna Elias’s work “Fingerprints”, a work very connected to memory, suggests the possibility of using archeological methods as a metaphor, as its owner searches for how to excavate a particular memory. Finding a way to remember, he deliberately gave a concept to memory by re-imaging things, so he put a baby’s dress in plaster as a kind of search for the depths of a newborn memory. For artist Ibrahim Kamaise, his work was inspired by the world of social media, and he wrote the word “love” on laser-cut glass in an attempt to explore the relationship between meaning and handwriting.

Jebel Ali Nature Reserve

From collages to photographs, the exhibition features a variety of amazing photographic works, presented by photographer Jihan Ali, who participated in a series of photographs taken by him on a private tour organized by a creation center at the “Jebel Ali Reserve”. Used his father’s old camera and a digital one. Modern, for testing and exploring using a set of different color images, showing the scene in two different ways with speed, distance and settings.

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Karam Hour presents two images of birds taken in the Tashkeel Center’s garden at the exhibition, documenting a charming moment when the young birds are inside their nest after birth, trying to secure food in the presence of their mother. Magic scene.

Sense means

The exhibition also presents a group of installation works, including works by Egyptian artist Yusra Wahba, who told “Emirates Today” about her works, which she fashions from “resin” (a pure liquid material with a thick consistency): ) The shape of the liquid dispersion gives the work a moment of exposure, and the work is designed on a transparent surface, allowing it to shine through, if any lights are placed in the background.

She points out that the “resin” material gives her movement and as an artist she can create the works the way she wants, she paints the objects and takes no more than 40 minutes to create them. A material that dries quickly and the work must be completed in record time, she indicated that she completed its work in a month, and the number of pieces in it reached 300, which were designed in layers on top of one another.

“It was my first time participating in the exhibition and I gained a lot of experience during it, even though I was familiar with the work and techniques or other art experiences, especially as the work was being done inside the Dashkeel center,” he added. .”

With the flamingo

Emirati Sharifa Al-Hashemi, for her part, took photos of herself participating in the Ras Al Khor Flamingo Reserve exhibition, noted that she loves taking pictures of animals and has participated in several photography workshops.

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He added that he captured the flamingos in his photographs in two stages: the first when the birds were moving freely, and the second stage when they were feeding. , she pointed out that when they gather as a family, to get food in a row, after the birds eat the food, they start trying to fly again, so they seem to be looking for freedom again.

Aspects of Palestine

As for the Belgian artist Charles, he worked on two works, a kind of gift and thanks to two personalities: Cultural Advisor to His Highness the Head of State, Supreme President of the University of the United Arab Emirates Jackie Anwar Nusaybe and the writer. Adel Tajani, through two pieces that capture the many aspects of Palestine.

He added that he was inspired by Tajani’s work from his book “From Jerusalem to a Kingdom on the Sea” and that his work focused on his family not forgetting his entire life journey in many countries. Translating the author’s biography with all the countries, the place of history and fundamental connection, the stations he visited and the stations of his life and the characters that influenced him, in a symbolic and expressive way, using glass and other media. He asserted that the Tashkeel center has indeed created a unique cultural complex that encompasses all nationalities and cultures, and this is what gives it its uniqueness.

Fashion and Jewelry

In addition to artwork, the “Made in Dashkeel” exhibit offers an overview of fashion and jewelry-related works, including designs by Palestinian fashion designer Areen Hassan. With harmonious and abstract aesthetic forms influenced by Islamic, historical and contemporary cultures. Designer Leah Stalen also offers a collection of jewelry inspired by Islamic geometric patterns, all of which are handcrafted.

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The exhibition showcases the works of 42 artists across a range of works.

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