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Artificial Intelligence: A Double-Edged Sword Against Our Mental Health


One of its most important features is that it simplifies and speeds up many steps that take a lot of effort and time and helps develop skills to face artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is a double-edged sword that either enhances our abilities or destroys our psychological health.

Some studies have confirmed that the mental health of employees in workplaces that use artificial intelligence and technology may deteriorate. Employees are isolated in their offices with machines and robots, resulting in social deprivation. Correspondingly, the employee feels isolated and lonely and enters a state of depression.

Artificial intelligence has a dark side, as it poses a threat to some industries, and in many jobs, employees face an external threat due to the fear of being fired as a result of artificial intelligence replacing it.

Artificial intelligence is addictive

Dr. Helga Aladdin, a psychology professor at Beirut Arab University, said artificial intelligence has negative effects and overuse it to the point of addiction. She said this is because of the fear that artificial intelligence will change her. From this stage the psychological problem related to addiction to artificial intelligence appears, which is stress and anxiety. The individual directly approaches the doctor or artificial intelligence for psychological counseling. This is where the real disaster appears.

Psychiatrist… a robot

Aladdin confirmed that some people fall into the psychological trap of receiving psychological counseling through AI applications. The patient expects to feel better after the AI ​​counseling and not getting the desired result. Counsels, he collapses, the situation worsens and he commits suicide.

Dr. Helga affirmed that psychological counseling mainly involves questions and answers, expanding the dialogue between the patient and the psychiatrist, expressing what the patient feels on the one hand, and reading and analyzing the patient’s psychiatrist’s position on the other. He will then diagnose the condition and prescribe appropriate treatment.

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He pointed out that this role primarily depends on human emotions, which artificial intelligence cannot replace.

He added that the role of artificial intelligence in mental health is only related to general guidance and counseling through mental health apps and not diagnosis.

He exhorted the listeners to keep pace with development and technology while putting an end to artificial intelligence infiltrating our minds.

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