Sunday, May 19, 2024

Artificial intelligence is entering the photo editing ranks


Changing the background of images is one of the things that users want to improve the look of their personal or business images, and with the development of technology, this can be achieved with applications that allow users to specify the edges of images. To know the areas to be removed or kept, but the new development in this field comes with the entry of artificial intelligence and here comes the Clearcut AI app to remove background from images, relying on artificial intelligence with unique tools for editing and conversion. Pictures are easy.
The application is supported by many unique tools like eraser, auto color, lasso and repair, through which the user can remove the unwanted objects and defects in the images and enhance the images to the best extent, in addition, the application takes the user to the next level. Using the wallpaper tool, which allows the app user to replace the original background with an amazing pre-made background.
The app includes an eraser tool to remove dirt and unwanted objects from images, an auto-color tool that enhances and adjusts colors to match the new image background, a selection tool that precisely selects and edits images, and an adjustment tool. Background tool to replace defects in images and original background with stunning preset background or add images to background by user to choose between them and application has easy to use interface.

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