April 2, 2023

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Artist Zuhair al-Babli’s health is poor

Nevin al-Nagori, the daughter of the artist’s daughter Zuheer al-Babli, expressed her mother’s condition, noting that she had stopped eating and talking, that her health was deteriorating, that she was now on a respirator, and that the prayers of all her fans were needed. .

Nevin denied that it was spread on some websites that his mother had a preference for open heart surgery.

Seventh Day newspaper quoted Nevin as saying, “This is not true and there is a lot of inaccurate information being spread about my mother’s health.”

Zuhair al-Babli’s daughter explained that her mother had stopped eating and talking, that her health was worrying, that she was now in the trachea, and that she needed the prayers of all her fans, and that she was in hospital and in intensive care. One and a half months, but a few days ago her health deteriorated, which forced her to be transferred to intensive care, where the artist implanted, and the adult lost her liver 8 years ago, which weakened her immune system in addition to her diabetes, and she developed a diabetic coma, lung water and Suffered from heart attack.

Nevin confirmed that he recently announced his mother’s health so that he would not miss his millions of fans and fan calls.

Dr. Reda Duaima, the husband of the artist’s daughter, Zuhair al-Babli, revealed that the best artist’s health had deteriorated significantly, stressing that his condition was now very bad because some parts of his body had stopped working.

He continued, “She was an intellectual, thinker, genius and a good and faithful Egyptian citizen. She represented the Egyptian woman and stood in the face of the enemies of the country. She was a true model of Egyptian identity and self-interest. She always made her position clear. “


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