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Artists will earn crores in 2023 even if they die.. How?



Artists will earn crores in 2023 even if they die.. How?

Late last October, Forbes magazine released its list of the highest-earning dead celebrities of 2023, who earned a total of $470 million this year.

These profits were down about 70 percent from last year, when total revenue was about $1.6 billion.

Forbes attributed the sharp drop in profits to a decline in the acquisition of intellectual property rights to musical compositions (known as catalogs), in addition to millions of dollars in sales and intellectual property rights to the works of late artists. This represents half of the major celebrities who have died.

A music catalog is a list of musical compositions and songs written and recorded under the name of an individual or company, and the owner controls the copyright (publication, syncretism or primary rights) included in this list. Earns every time the songs and his music are used.

Acquisitions have always happened in the music industry over the years, but recently, amid deals worth hundreds of millions of dollars and music’s continued rise, they’ve received more attention from capital circles and big players in the business community. List ratings.

We review the most prominent dead artists who have collected earnings in the past year:

Michael Jackson ($115 million)

The King of Pop is back on the list of highest-paid dead celebrities for the first time since 2019, thanks to MJ’s $85 million hit on Broadway. One of Michael Jackson in Las Vegas.

Elvis Presley ($100 million)

Elvis Presley’s home in Tennessee, known as Graceland, continues to generate revenue even after the legendary rock and roll star left the building 50 years ago. Last year it saw about 600,000 visitors. Souvenirs.

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Ray Manzarek ($45 million)

In one of the most significant record deals, The Doors’ late keyboardist Ray Manzarek and live guitarist Robbie Krieger sold the rights to the band’s music to Primary Wave, a music publishing and talent management company. Their recorded music and publishing, as well as trademarks and advertising and related revenues.

Dr. Seuss ($40 million)

Theodor Seuss Geisel’s annual income comes from his literary works such as How the Grinch Last Christmas, which young readers still enjoy, while the rest of Dr. Seuss’s income comes from licensing his classic characters, including the Grinch, Cat in the Hat. , and The Lorax.

Charles M. Schulz ($30 million)

The designer of the popular cartoon characters Snoopy and Charlie Brown, a quarter century after his death, is still collecting revenue from his estate and the rights to the Snoopy and Charlie Brown characters that Apple TV bought. , in addition to selling cookware with the faces of popular cartoon characters.

Prince ($30 million)

Prince, who has described the afterlife as a “world of endless joy”, still generates revenue through his stakes, including Primary Wave, which owns stakes in the intellectual property surrounding the singer’s name and music, meaning more music is released.

Since his death in 2016, three albums have been released to his name, in addition to a remastered version of his legendary album Diamonds and Pearls last October, which includes some 47 unreleased songs and rare footage from live concerts.

Whitney Houston ($30 million)

The estate of American singer Whitney Houston is one of the highest-grossing properties of our time, thanks to her CV and numerous brand collaborations.

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In December, the movie “Whitney Houston: I Wanna Dance With Somebody” grossed nearly $60 million worldwide, and international cosmetics company MAC Cosmetics launched a makeup collection named after the famous singer.

John Lennon ($22 million)

John Lennon remains one of the most popular Beatles singers to date, and he reaps steady profits from his intellectual property rights to his songs (list), and in addition to his share of the Beatles’ music, the list is still growing. The band’s last song is slated to be released through artificial intelligence technology.

Bob Marley ($16 million)

More than 40 years after his death, Bob Marley’s songs are still in high demand, with the rights to his name on speakers, headphones and shoes. And he is expected to earn more during the movie “Pop”. Marley: One Love” was released. It is expected to be shown next year.

Bing Crosby ($14 million)

For many, Bing is the undisputed king of Christmas, and his musical and artistic output continues to gain traction to this day, and earlier last month, an album of archival material and rare recordings of Bing Crosby’s Christmas hits was released to streaming services. Just in time for the holiday season.

George Harrison ($14 million)

Like John Lennon, George Harrison received a steady income from his work with the Beatles and as a solo artist, part of his income coming from his Cirque du Soleil show inspired by the Beatles’ repertoire.

Marilyn Monroe ($10 million)

More than 60 years after her death, Marilyn Monroe’s image remains the fashion house’s best-selling image worldwide. The American star has also made millions from non-fungible tokens (NFTs), apart from a set of fakes. Eyelids and pressing claws from (pi).

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“Masterpiece of Al-Zanbati” is a fun white night with singing stars



“Masterpiece of Al-Zanbati” is a fun white night with singing stars

“Riyadh Season 4” saw special night songs and unique songs at “Masterpieces of Sunbati” concert organized by “Punchmark”. It was one of the special nights held at the Abubakar Salem Theater on Riyadh City Boulevard. A phone call from Councilor Turki Al-Sheikh, Chairman of the Entertainment Commission at the festival confirmed that it will be a night of music that will dazzle the audience, artists and followers. Seven bright Arabic musical voices, including Fuad Jabadi, Saber Al-Rufai, Sherin Abdel-Wahab, Mai Farooq, Ahmad Saad and Iman, led by Maestro Hani Farhad. The band of over 150 musicians and the audience had an unforgettable night with them.
Beginning with Moroccan artist Fouad Zabadi; Along with the songs “O Eid Night” and “I Saw My Love”, then artist Reham Abdel Hakim performed “Rejoice, O My Heart” and “Rubayat Al-Qayam” and after he finished his part; Reham was about to go backstage when she fell off the stage and the organizers rallied around her to help her.
Artist Saber Al-Rufai congratulated Saudi Arabia for winning the hosting of the “Expo 2030” when he sang “To Whom I Go” and “Ashwaq”, and the audience warmly applauded him for the greeting.
Artist Iman Abdul Ghani also sang, “The heart loves everything” and he observed during the press conference that the Riyadh season and its theaters are always renewed, and this is what he noticed whenever he comes and participates in concerts.
As for artiste Mai Farooq, she sang “Al-Adlal” and “Laza Faker” and the audience interacted with her. During the press conference, he spoke of the “masterpieces of al-Sanbati”. Singing from his melodies, Al-Sunfati confirmed that he is different from other Egyptian composers, and talked about his special relationship with the Saudi audience and participating in all the music nights.
Artist Ahmed Saad sang “The Game of Days” and artist Sherin Abdel Wahab closed the concert with “My Eyes Came Back” and “My Heart Confused”.
After Sherin finished singing, he thanked the audience, the government and people of Saudi Arabia, and Advisor Turki Al-Sheikh, chairman of the Saudi Entertainment Authority.
For his part, the ceremony announcer returned the congratulations to artiste Sherin and announced the surprise of advisor Turki Al-Sheikh. It was a special night for artiste Sherin during the 2023 Riyadh season as the audience applauded.
Shereen said during the press conference that she was happy to be part of the “Masterpiece of Sanpati” evening, with a giant, pyramid and an artistic status that everyone wanted to sing, the night was “white”. The color of the dress she was wearing.
“Gia”, represented by Executive Vice President Ahmad Al Hammadi, presented the memorial shield to Mohammed, the son of the late musician Riyad Al-Sunfati, who took the stage and thanked Saudi Arabia and the Entertainment Authority.
Notably, the “Masterpieces of Sonbati” concert was attended by more than 8,000 people, including prominent media personalities and artistes, and a large audience followed it on television and satellite channels.

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Sherin receives warm welcome from Saudi audience at “Masterpieces of Sunbati” concert



Sherin receives warm welcome from Saudi audience at “Masterpieces of Sunbati” concert
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Elaf: As part of the activities of the fourth edition of Riyadh Season, Egyptian artist Sherin Abdel Wahab performed in the Masterpiece of Sanpati concert held at the Abu Bakr Salem Theater.

Riad Al-Sunbatti was composed by Ms. Umm Kulthum with the song “My Eyes Came Back” by Sherin Abdel Wahab and Ahmed Rami. He continued his brilliance with the second single, “My Heart Confuses With You.” Composed by the same great poet and musician Al-Zanbati.

He received a warm welcome from the Saudi audience, who chanted, “We love you, Shushu,” the surprise of the ceremony, announced Adviser Turki Al-Sheikh, head of Saudi Arabia’s Public Entertainment Authority. Artiste Sherin Abdel Wahab performed a special concert.

My eyes rolled back 🥺♥️
Artist Sherin
in one night #Sanpati’s_masterpieces
..#Riyadh season#bigtime #punch_mark

— Benchmark | Benchmark (@Benchmark_ksa) November 30, 2023

Sherin expressed his gratitude in these words: “Allow me to salute the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, its King and its people, and a thousand thanks for every need we have, Honorable Counselor Turki Al-Sheikh, a thousand thanks for your love. And kudos to the Egyptian artists, a thousand thanks to maestro Hani Farhad and the orchestra one by one.”

Collected by artist Shereen
A night between ecstasy and passions#Sanpati’s_masterpieces 😢🤍
..#Riyadh season#bigtime #punch_mark

— Benchmark | Benchmark (@Benchmark_ksa) November 30, 2023

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Dubai Design celebrates the art of hip-hop on December 10



Dubai Design celebrates the art of hip-hop on December 10

Soul Platform, the region’s most anticipated culture, youth and contemporary lifestyle festival, Soul DXB Festival, unveiled its new edition as the inaugural event for the 29th edition at TECOM Group’s Dubai Design District between 8 and 10 December. Dubai Shopping Festival. The site is an official partner of the Hip-Hop 50 initiative in the Arab world in collaboration with Mass Appeal Production Company, and this edition of the festival promises to deliver unforgettable experiences. Hip-hop, fashion, visual arts and sports sectors.

The festival will also include interactive conversation sessions with a panel of important and influential figures in this genre of music. The Soul site also announced the participation of another group of artists to ensure an unprecedented experience celebrating hip-hop culture among the younger generation.

Newly announced artists include Grammy-nominated young British singer-songwriter Arlo Parks. The line-up also includes seven-piece band Kokoroko from London, who will perform at the festival’s lounge, Rhodes Restaurant, on Sunday 10 December.

This year, Soul DXB Festival, in collaboration with Gulf Photo Plus, is hosting a photography exhibition called “Occupied Pleasures” by artist Tania Habjoka. Through a group of three-dimensional paintings, the exhibition accurately portrays humanity’s ability to cope with difficult situations in Palestine.

Soul DXB and Dubai Design District have teamed up once again to bring fashion lovers the Spotlight by D3 exhibition. The exhibition offers an opportunity to explore cross-cultural original collections by emerging designers from the UAE, South Africa, Palestine, United Kingdom, Finland, Spain, Lebanon and other countries.

Rudy’s Diner, the Soul DXB Festival’s main lounge, will host live performances on opening night, available during the day for ages 21 and older. This year, the talk show, considered one of the most important events of the festival, also offers conversations with eminent personalities from the fields of fashion, music, publishing and design.

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