April 1, 2023

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Artist’s Son, Muhammad Darwad, His Miller-Fisher Syndrome: A Test of Love from Our Lord – Art

Ahmed Darwat, son of legendary artist Mohammad Darwat, revealed details of his health progress and his rare immune disease through Instagram video and photo platform.

And post Ahmed DarwatA group of pictures of him inside the hospital, he commented on them: In two weeks, the world is very different from what I saw, and my assessment of things, coins and blessings is different, and even time passes. According to a different calculation, a long and slow calculation, and I realized that the soul is a very precious coin and cannot be bought, and in it money turns into colored paper and roses double and chocolates are removed and you have If you do not seek protection, success and permission from our Lord, your Nothing to do with affairs.

A rare autoimmune disease

was added Good luck: «On an ordinary day, I suffer from a health problem, and after a week of examination, I found out that I have a rare immune disease in the nervous system (Miller Fisher Syndrome), which attacks the body and prevents you from moving completely. .control the spread of this syndrome in time and God willing, I will continue the recovery journey in the coming days.

Feeling the blessings

And he continued: “I regard this trial as the love of our Lord for calling me to experience so many blessings. It is as if the whole world has been given to him.

And he concluded: “Finally, I’m full of positive energy, accepting every step, appreciative, next best, because of your love that I’ve seen in the last two weeks. A serious need in my life.. It’s time for me to take my health seriously, with your prayers, God If I wanted, I would be back on my feet again.

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