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5 Drinks That Make Your Heart Stronger.. Lower Your Bad Cholesterol And Protect You From It


Written by Marwa Mahmood Elias

Friday, 03 November 2023 08:00 AM

The higher the level of harmful cholesterol in the blood, the higher the chances of infection With heart disease and blood vessels, and arterial problems, which is confirmed by a report published on the HealthMatch website. Because harmful cholesterol is easily obtained when following an uneven and unhealthy diet. Fat and oily foods, fried foods, oils, ghee, and other harmful food additives are all negative. have an effect on cardiovascular health.

Sugary foods pose a risk to the heart and blood vessels alike because they raise levels of bad cholesterol, the report said. It is important to include in the daily diet, healthy foods to help exercise, exercise and good sleep to reduce harmful cholesterol levels and protect the heart.

The most important of these drinks are:

Green tea tea

Green tea, this healthy and beneficial drink, increases the absorption of fats in the intestine, reduces the level of harmful cholesterol in the body and increases the level of good cholesterol. .

Soy milk

One of the most important drinks that help reduce harmful cholesterol, because it increases the activity of certain elements during the digestion of soy protein, which reduces the level of cholesterol.

Drinks and oat milk

It is one of the most important healthy options for body, weight, fitness and cholesterol as it lowers cholesterol levels which can be harmful to those who eat it for a long time.

Tomato juice

One of the most important healthy drinks in general, it improves blood pressure levels, making it an important drink to reduce harmful cholesterol levels, protect the heart and blood vessels from health damage and help improve general health.

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Berry juice

This beneficial natural drink contains important and healthy flavonoids, which reduce the level and percentage of harmful cholesterol in the blood, improve the function of the heart and blood vessels and protect against their diseases. Raspberry juice is a good natural juice. Rich in various benefits and nutrients.

Therefore, the report advises the need to rely on healthy and beneficial drinks that help reduce blood cholesterol levels, increase the work of the heart and vessels, reduce all body fat and enjoy health and wellness.

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