February 8, 2023

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أصالة تتعاون مع صناع  "الغزالة رايقة" فى أغنية جديدة بعنوان " غلبان"

Asala is working with the creators of the new song “Al-Kajala Raika” titled “Kalpan”.

Syrian star Asala collaborates with the creators of the song “Al-Qasala Raika” and they Menna Adli Al-Qai, Ihab Abdel-Wahd and Ahmad Tariq Yahya The new song “Kalpan” will be uploaded on his YouTube channel soon.

Syrian star Asala posted on her page on the social networking site Instagram, exchanging videos and photos, revealing her picture of the events of 2021 and her preferences to her larger audience. She said: A difficult and sweet year, all these struggles for life, happiness and hope, last year brought me the biggest event of my life, I dreamed of, girlfriend, affectionate husband, bond.

And Asala added: I wish you a year where you see all the benefits, all the love and all the sweet feelings that we create and resolve..

He concluded by saying that every year your nation is better, your family is better, and your souls are better. Happy New Year to you, my loved ones, my family and all those who love and love me for not meeting them. A good year to all of you from Riyadh, the capital of the soul.

Asala shared a new photo of her husband Fake Hassan on her Instagram account with a “story feature” and flirted with him while he was sleeping: “God protects that man… Sleep is our God is a part of my soul” : Nostalgia, Helive, Hanin, Shahim, Hanin and this wonderful nutty for fun.

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