February 7, 2023

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The WHO has good news for Omigron

D + D – Normal size

A World Health Organization (WHO) official confirmed on Tuesday that a mutated Omigran strain of the corona virus is affecting the upper respiratory tract and causing milder symptoms than previous mutations.

“Unlike other mutations that can cause severe pneumonia, we are seeing more and more studies showing that Omigran affects the upper body,” Abdi Mahmoud, director of accident management at the World Health Organization, told reporters in Geneva. He added that this could be good news.

However, he said the rapid spread of omigran would be a dominant mutation in many places within weeks and would pose a threat to countries where large numbers of people have not yet been vaccinated.

His views on reduced risk are consistent with other data, including a study from South Africa, one of the first countries where Omicron was discovered.

Responding to a question on whether Omicron needed a special vaccine, Abdi Mahmoud, event management director of the World Health Organization, said it was too early to determine, but stressed that this decision needed global coordination. Taken only by the Department of Commerce.


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