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Asma Abu Al-Yazid celebrates her marriage to a fitness trainer among relatives and friends


By: Mustafa Al Ghasabi

Friday, December 15, 2023 07:16 PM

The artist celebrated Asma Abu Yazid At her wedding to fitness trainer Muhammad Al-Khatib, she was surrounded by her relatives and many of her friends.

In an atmosphere of joy and happiness, the artist Asma Abu Al-Yazid announced her engagement last May to a young man from outside the art community, Muhammad Khatib, who works as a fitness trainer, in presence only. Family and friends.

Asma posted photos of her engagement through her official Instagram account, while her followers and art stars were eager to congratulate her on her engagement. Al-Sa’id commented: “Greetings, my beloved.” Tara Emat wrote: “Congratulations…Congratulations.” Well-wishers include director Ahmed Khaled Moussa, Basant Shawki, director Hosam Al-Hussaini, star. Amr Saad, Aydan Amar and Akram Hosni.

Asma Abu Al-Yazid’s latest film is Muhammad Abdel-Rahman Dutta’s “The General Call.” The film was written by Ahmed Abdel-Wahab and Karim Sami (Kims) and directed by Wael Faraq. It stars Muhammad Abdel-Rahman Duda, Ahmad Al-Fishawi, Asma Abu Al-Yazid, Sawsan Badr, Dina, Muhammad Radwan and many others, and its events revolve around a young man named Motaz in a comic context. Prays for him, a prayer that befalls him and all who walk with him, and his life turns into crises and troubles.

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