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Asteroids from Mars and Space were offered at Christie’s auction


A dog neighbor destroyed by a meteorite attack is expected to fetch up to $ 300,000 at Christie’s auction and up to $ 800,000 for a portion of Mars.

With the introduction of SpaceX’s first space crew, SpaceX has been accumulating offers for a number of auction items, including “Deep Impact: Asteroids from Mars, the Moon and Other Rare Collections.” Screening of the world and Oscar-nominated film “Don’t Look Up” A comet is fast approaching Earth.

Christie’s said in a statement that the sale of 66 items, which will take place online today and will end today, will include “meteorites containing the oldest material that can be touched by human hands”.

In an interview with astronomer Neil de Gross Tyson, the pieces on display included “rocks ejected by large meteorites from the moon or Mars.

“These rocks (from meteorites) split and swam into space, and some of them landed here on Earth.”

The third largest rock from Mars found on Earth is expected to register a higher price at this auction. But the most unusual item that has been on sale since the auction began on February 9 was a dog jar.

Rocky the Dog, a Shepherd, was inside the cave, but escaped shortly after in April 2019 when a meteorite broke the tin roof of the Aguas Circus in Costa Rica.

“A hole more than 17 centimeters in diameter marks the meteorite hole in the roof of the dog’s yard,” Christie said.

“The meteorite was almost crushed (dog),” said Daryl Pete, mahogany meteorite collector and auction consultant.

The cow that was hit by a meteorite in 1972 in Venezuela was not so lucky. A farmer slaughtered the rest and ate its flesh.

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No one on Earth has ever been hit by a meteorite.

“You can go your whole life without touching a meteorite, but there are those who have dedicated their entire lives to finding it in the wild, often selling it to distributors or at auction,” Tyson said.

“So, if you want a part of the universe other than the earth, you get it.”

“Tons of lunar and Martian meteorites may be more common on Earth than are currently found in our collection,” Tyson added.

“In a way, the universe seems to be coming to us.”

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