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Astronomer Maya Haseem will make predictions on Monday in numerical form



مسارات الأرقام


Forecast for Monday, March 14, 2022: According to Tracks of Numbers:
Expectations based on numbers:

On Monday, it moves to the number in its path ((5)): it is derived from the spiritual and absolute number 12 and the number 2. Five is the absolute number of five people or the pentagram. It is Jupiter and mainly its Jupiter and color is blue.

Number (1): Monday is associated with luck 5 and 6 .. i.e. try to be wary of mysterious things and strange people .. you are lucky in material and emotional aspects but focus on health .. try to put off important things .. your charm The more .. the more you tend to act tactfully and tactfully.

Number (2): Your luck is linked to 5 and 7. Monday and you are very lucky in all respects .. you will be relaxed, you will rest from the progress that is happening and Mansoor will take any action .. your charisma is strong and you act with compassion and diplomacy.

Number (3): Your luck is related to 5 and 8..your luck is fine in both..just reduce your stress..and positive thing about you: this is the best day in financial aspect because 8 means money .. on the other hand you have something else May not do .. Your charisma is average, you will act nervous and courageous.

Number (4): Your luck is linked to the 5th and 9th most lucky tracks on Monday, and you have great fun. 9 If everything comes with you, luck comes with the details of the day, and you can install anything. For the future .. your charisma is high and you act smart and ideal ..

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Number (5): Your luck is linked to 5 and 10. Good luck on Monday is that you will succeed in what you have been waiting for. Fate always stands by you and supports you. Perfect timing for things related to deferred tasks. And you can find communication facilities .. your charisma is high and you act independently and spontaneously ..

Number (6): Your luck is tied to 5 and 11, so the two chances seem to be less. Focus on health and try to postpone important things because the opposites are clear. You .. be satisfied with the basic daily things .. your attractiveness is low, you are slightly compliant and act negative.

Number (7): Your luck is linked to 5 and 12, meaning you are both lucky and lucky. From the beginning of your day, you will have confidence in yourself and spread positiveness and confidence to those around you. Being quiet, participating and reconciling with yourself, you have financial opportunities and benefits.
Your charisma is incomparable and you act flexible, calm and help others.

Number (8): Your luck is associated with 5 and 13. Be careful about your day and do not count anything as your luck does not coincide with Monday, especially if you have to postpone the trip and new steps. The stubbornness of the day when you feel lost, distracted and hopeless.

Number (9): Your luck is linked to 5 and 14..On Monday you have a lot of luck depending on the update and beautiful coincidences..there is a balance between what you want and what you get, i.e. you do not seem greedy or selfish..your health is good, your activity is high Yes and your smile is clear .. Your charisma is high She tends to sympathize with the weak and behaves humanely.

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* To extract your track number: All you have to do is add up all the numbers of your date of birth: Example:
1 – 5 – 1999
Adding all the numbers with a calculator:
In the sum of 1 + 5 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 9 = 34
Then we go back and add 34, so 3 + 4 equals 7, which is the path number for this person’s life.

Monday Lucky:
Owners of the numbers +5 and 7
+ Fifth Tower, Leo
+ Jupiter is ruled by Sagittarius and Pisces.
+ Born on Thursday.
+ Of course, whose path emerges from number 5 and from the hierarchy of numbers the following numbers correspond to their date of birth:
5, 7, 14, 16, 23, 25,

* Monday applies to blue.

* Number for the path of Monday: It is associated with (5) Jupiter, mainly its Jupiter, blue color and the fifth element * Ether around man according to Greek, Arab and Western civilizations – and if the element is the Holy Cross and the crucifix metal of the Earth, the Earth beats with the soul .. It Connecting the world and the world of matter.
* Number 5 is about making life decisions and learning life lessons through experience.

And the Number Pyramid for Monday:.
8 6
6 17
14 3 24
14 3 2022

Large number of Mondays (3940)
Reduced = 7, the number associated with the woman, beauty, liberation, success, and long as it is a sacred symbol for all people .. both numbers 5 and 7 are 12. This is positive. Carries special, good and happy news that coincides with the day .. It has a lot of benefits .. Owns vibrations of 12th, 7th and 5th.

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He is a lucky man with intuition and infallible instinct. There is a future life ..

* People born on Monday, March 14th are eligible for this script:
(H – N – W – R – Sh – Z – Z – J – M – L – R)

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“The Terna tragedy is a warning of the worst.” Haji reveals the reasons for the increase in disasters in Arab countries



“The Terna tragedy is a warning of the worst.”  Haji reveals the reasons for the increase in disasters in Arab countries


Dr. Space Scientist specializing in Earth and Planetary Sciences. Issam Hajji blamed the increase in natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods in Arab countries on lack of awareness of climate change and lack of specialized research and monitoring stations. Poor urban planning.

In the episode dated (10/2/2023), “The Story Has the Rest” highlighted recent disasters affecting the region, such as the two devastating earthquakes that struck southern Turkey and its aftermath in the Middle East. February 2023, and the Al Houze earthquake in Morocco in September. From the same year, Libyan floods wreaked havoc in the coastal city of Derna, days after the Moroccan earthquake.

Haji said the Terna flood disaster was not the worst but a bad warning, pointing out that it was a copy of what happened there in 1925 when a storm in the Gulf destroyed naval vessels there. Famine and about the same number of casualties caused the death toll.

Hajji published maps of Terna after Hurricane Daniel, reviewed rainfall rates, and emphasized that the storm did not penetrate deeply, but caused large amounts of dust to move from the interior to the coast, stressing that the environmental risk lies in rebuilding by removing millions. cubic meters of soil.

He revealed that the Arab coastal cities of Alexandria in Egypt, Tangier in Morocco and Manama in Bahrain are losing their battle in light of the escalation of climate change and the short-term recurrence of recent decades in the Mediterranean region. For example, there is a lack of awareness of these risks and population growth in the region.

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The Egyptian scientist made frequent stops in Alexandria, which he said had changed from a historically disaster-resistant city to an area at risk in the past 20 years, pointing to the danger of building in floodplains that have led to the degradation of the urban landscape. In a coastal town.

Population density risks

In his speech, Hajji said that the majority of the people of the Middle East and North Africa (92%) settled in 3% of the total area of ​​the Arab world, before confirming that there had been a major collapse in climate and scientific knowledge, which caused most of the disasters.

In the same context, studies indicate that about 30 million residents of the Arab world are exposed to high risks of future catastrophic earthquakes.

The project uses artificial intelligence technology and satellite maps to broadcast images of the massive destruction that climate change can cause to infrastructure, such as storms entering coastal areas, wiping out everything in its path.

Hajji emphasized that there are solutions to climate change, “It is not the end of the universe and humanity, but rather the risk of dealing with it.” He pointed to a development project between the Universities of Munich and California, Khalifa University in Hamad bin Qatar and NASA to create a coastal zone in the Arab region “that will resist climate change”.

Haji offered some solutions to combat this climate change, including reforestation, the placement of what he called sand dunes, and “scientific” management of the coastal area.

Document image

The program aired a short documentary retracing the Arab region’s history with natural disasters, and stopped frequently to learn about the earthquake belts surrounding Arab countries with Arab and foreign experts. The film also traces the experiences of Chile and Japan in dealing with a series of earthquakes, particularly in the Asian country, which experiences two thousand earthquakes a year without any significant impact.

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The film also covers the scientific views of leading experts from both countries on how to monitor earthquakes, the development of earthquake-proof building standards and flexibility of structures, ensuring that buildings absorb earthquakes.

Experts – who spoke during the film shown by the program – pointed out that Japan has earthquake sensors that help to initiate early evacuation measures, and that Tokyo has developed building codes with 3 levels: the first is related to steel supports, and the second is related to dampers that absorb earthquake energy and reach the third level. isolate from

For the Arab world, seismologists discussed conflict zones and their classifications and Arab countries at risk of earthquakes because 3 major earthquake belts pass through or near the region, namely the East African belt, the Alpine belt, and the Dead Sea fault, with the latter being the most active. Considered, and the countries concerned are Syria, Lebanon, Palestine and Jordan.

Experts revealed that there is a seismic index in the Arab world, but in addition to the slow development in the Arab region, it is a serious challenge, especially in cities with high population density, adding that “houses are the first cause of the increase in the number of collapse victims”.

They pointed out the importance of focusing on population distribution, disaster management plans and taking into account seismic risk and the fragility and unreliability of buildings, especially in the absence of an Arab earthquake monitoring network.

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Study: University students are more stressed than their peers.. and why? | Other | DW Arabic Window on Celebrity Lives and Fun Facts | T.W



Study: University students are more stressed than their peers.. and why?  |  Other |  DW Arabic Window on Celebrity Lives and Fun Facts |  T.W

Studying is not always a pleasant journey of knowledge and learning. This is a difficult stage that requires many sacrifices and sometimes it becomes a station of suffering, especially with very difficult majors or being forced to persevere with limited or almost non-existent financial income while the student is in university.

A new study suggests that university students are more likely to experience stress than their working peers, and that the main reason for this is the financial problems students face.

According to a Guardian newspaper report from the study’s author, Dr. Tayla McCloud The relationship between mental health decline and learning, coupled with anxiety due to increased financial pressures and the need to achieve strong results.

Students in many parts of the world are forced to pay extra to rent rooms and apartments in addition to rising living costs, including food prices and prices of restaurant and cafe services, transportation, due to inflation and high energy costs. and many others.

The research paper was published in the public health journal The Lancet, and its authors also stated that at age 25, the end of the university years, mental health differences between graduates and non-graduates no longer existed.

The study suggests that if the causes of depression among students are identified, it is possible to reduce depression and anxiety among 18- to 19-year-olds.

Dr Gemma Lewis, assistant professor at the same college, points out that poor mental health in students can have long-term consequences in their lives. “The first years of higher education are important for self-development, so if students’ mental health is improved, positive long-term effects can be expected on their health, well-being, academic achievement and success.”

The study’s findings are consistent with another study conducted by King’s College London, which found that mental health problems among students had almost tripled in recent years, rising from 6% to 16%, and was particularly high among women and non-binary students. People, and one reason for this was the high cost of living.

One of the consequences of these problems is that students think about leaving university purely for financial reasons, while others work more during their studies, which also has a negative impact on mental health.

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Health details of the injured in the fire accident in Ismalia security directorate.. Pictures



Health details of the injured in the fire accident in Ismalia security directorate.. Pictures

Ismalia: Mr. Falah – Sabri Khanem

Monday, October 2, 2023 08:29 AM

The Ministry of Health has released the details of the condition of those injured in the accident Fire breaks out in Ismalia Security Directorate buildingAmbulances provided emergency services to 12 injured and left the accident site, while 26 cases were shifted to Ismailia Medical Complex, including 24 cases of suffocation and two burns. Seven injured were discharged after receiving the service and their condition improved. .

Civil Defense Forces in Ismailia Governorate, in cooperation with Armed Forces fire trucks and Suez Canal Authority fire trucks, succeeded in controlling the fire at the Ismailia Security Directorate building and started cooling the building..

The armed forces sent two planes and an ambulance to the site of the accident, Extra News Channel reported.

Paid by the Ministry of Health 50 An ambulance, due to the fire incident, Ismailia Directorate of Defense to transport the injured to governorate hospitals..

The Directorate of Health, the Health Care Authority in Ismailia Governorate and Suez Canal University Hospitals declared a state of emergency in all hospitals in the governorate to receive those injured in the fire..

Efforts to evacuate occupants of the Ismalia Security Directorate building continued after the fire broke out in the building..

A fire broke out in the building of Ismalia Defense Directorate and the Civil Defense forces immediately brought the fire under control.

The Civil Defense in Ismailia received a notification of a fire inside the Ismailia Defense Directorate building and several fire engines were immediately dispatched to contain the fire and prevent its spread..

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Fire at Ismalia Security Directorate (5)

Fire at Ismalia Security Directorate (6)

Fire at Directorate of Defense Ismalia (7)

Fire at Ismalia Security Directorate (8)

Fire at Ismalia Defense Directorate (9)

Fire at Ismalia Security Directorate (10)

Fire at Ismalia Security Directorate (11)

Fire at Ismalia Security Directorate (12)

Fire at Ismalia Security Directorate (13)

Fire at Ismalia Security Directorate (14)

Fire at Ismalia Security Directorate (15)

Fire at Ismalia Security Directorate (16)

Fire at Ismalia Security Directorate (17)

Fire at Ismalia Security Directorate (18)

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