May 17, 2022

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علماء الفلك يكتشفون ليزر فضائى على بعد 5 ملايين سنة من الأرض

Astronomers have discovered a space laser 5 million years away from Earth

Astronomers discovered There is a laser According to astronomers, a spacecraft that emits light from a distance of 5 billion light years and a “laser” with strong radio waves called “megameters” was discovered by the Mirgate telescope in the North Cape of South Africa. , Discovery The record-breaker is far from the only one ever discovered.

According to the British newspaper, the Daily Mail, the laser that broke this record was called “Nkalakatha”, which means “Big Boss”, and the invention was internationally acclaimed by Dr. Made by an international team of astronomers led by Marcin Clovacki. Center for Radio Astronomy Research (ICRAR) in Western Australia.

Dr. According to Kloviki, on the first night of a study involving 3,000 hours of observation of the Meerkat telescope, a “space laser” megasomer containing a hydrogen atom and an oxygen atom was discovered.

“This is the first hydroxyl megamaser observed by Meerkat and is the farthest from any telescope so far,” Klovaki added. “In just one night’s observation, we actually found a record-breaking megamaser. It shows how good the telescope is.”

Megamasar is usually formed when two galaxies collide violently in the universe. Clovacki explained. 18 cm wavelength, it emits two photons of the same wavelength.

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