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Astronomers make a “fantastic step” in solving the mystery of Earth’s origin


According to the British newspaper, The Independent, theory The new ones may explain the chemical composition to the planetIt may also reveal new things about other planets in the solar system.

Paulo Soci, a researcher in experimental planetary science at the “ETH” University of Zurich in Switzerland, says that the theory is generally distributed. Physics Astronomy and the Chemistry of the Universe Earth is formed from stony meteorites.

Scientific rumors suggest that simple blocks of rocks and minerals were formed early in the life of the solar system as a precursor to the formation of Earth.

The problem with this theory is that the combination of stone meteorites and chondrite masses cannot give us the current composition of Earth, and this has kept researchers working for years to understand what happened.

The scientists suggested that the collision between the raw materials and the formation of the Earth resulted in so much heat that the lighter elements vaporized in the process, leaving the other larger ones behind.

Researcher Susie believes that Earth’s composition is different than imagined, and that this is because chemical elements have the same number of protons in exchange for different numbers of neutrons.

Samples with a low number of neutrons are characterized by lightness and, accordingly, they are assumed to evaporate.

If this evaporation theory were correct, he said, “we would find fewer light isotopes on Earth today than in meteorites,” and that isotope measurements do not accurately reveal this.

Scientists have evolved over time in the solar system, moving from small bodies of gas and dust until they reach “planet” status by attracting material through the gravitational poles.

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Unlike stony meteorites, asteroids were exposed to high temperatures, sufficient to cause fissures between the metallic core and rocky crust.

Because asteroids formed in different regions around the Sun, they may have different chemical compositions at different times.

A scientific team is relying on simulations of collisions between thousands of asteroids to determine whether objects such as Earth, Mars, Venus and Mercury could be ejected through this process.

According to the results, this combination between asteroids is not only sufficient for the origin of the Earth, but the planet we live on is indicated to be the secretion of such interactions.

Researcher Suzi described the result of the study as significant, the current increase of scientists is no longer limited to a mechanism that better explains the origin of the Earth, “but we have a reference to explain the formation of other rocky planets.”

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