June 5, 2023

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There are many factors that affected the success journey

There are many factors that affected the success journey

Miguel Rosso described the experience of success in Saudi Arabia but hinted that he was not confident about the deals made during last winter’s transfer window, insisting that the squad needs to be improved.

The Argentine coach said in an interview with “Al Arabiya” about his experience with Al-Nasr: It’s amazing, Al-Nasr is a great team and I’m used to coaching big clubs that create a lot of pressure and I wanted to deliver. Great, but I came to the club ten rounds after the league started and we reached the minimum. One of our ambitions is the Asian Champions League.

He hinted that the team’s contracts in the winter transfers did not suit his ambitions, adding: I always say that you have to know how to choose well.

Regarding negotiations with the club’s management regarding the extension of his contract, the 66-year-old coach replied: “Everything had a chance and many things had to be analyzed. It was not easy for me. To live outside Argentina, I am happy with the relationship I have with the club and the president.” We each walk our own path.

He added: “Al-Nasr is a good team, but it needs to improve and it’s a team that always pushes you to be on top.”

Regarding the reason for the team’s volatility under his leadership, he explained: Players are human, we believe that the player is always at his level 100%, but in reality, he is going through tough times mentally and suffers from injuries. In fact, the team that was with me in the victory always expressed a willingness to work, there is no rule to win with the player, they are also human and suffer from a drop in level. Improve their position and you should understand the player better. We have been hit by injuries and the coronavirus, so they lose their position, many things happened with us and affected the level of the team.

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