June 2, 2023

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At 451 degrees Fahrenheit..! – Report

I recently read a news story about press freedom in the Arab and Gulf countries, the credibility of which is unknown. It is impossible to speak of complete freedom in any media, as there are many considerations and interventions that undermine this freedom, such as local laws and the security situation of the world and region, relationships and interests, influence. Pressure groups, and other things that play a role in this matter, and journalists and media professionals who have always given their lives to pursue stories, scoops and secrets that are not always allowed to be published, will remain an issue. Constant attraction and debate as long as there is tension media and media experts and interest in the truth!

A couple of days ago, I was looking for the history of an international novel that directly and openly dealt with the issue of suppressing people’s freedom to read books! It is American novelist Ray Bradbury’s “Fahrenheit 451” novel that tells the story of an oppressive regime where firefighters are forced to burn books at 451 degrees Fahrenheit!

Firefighter Montague falls in love with an ancient human tradition he would never have known without her, after meeting his reader neighbor Clarisse and agreeing to read a beautiful novel she recommended to him.

The novel was published in 1953 AD and 70 years later, American libraries decided to ban the novel from readers. A report on the American Marshall Libraries website states that because of the vulgar nature of its lessons, it was even banned from being taught to students due to complaints by many parents who found it morally and religiously offensive!

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The novel was the author’s response to the intellectual terrorism perpetrated by politician Joseph McCarthy against American writers and intellectuals suspected of sympathizing with the Soviet Union during the Cold War.The novel revolved around prohibition and censorship. , which was censored and banned on December 13, 2021. In a country considered to be the first in freedom!!