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At the end of this month, the movie “Shyabni Honey” was released


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Ilaf: Several stars of the new Kuwaiti film “Shayabni Hani” insisted that the film represents a beautiful gift to fans of the seventh art in Kuwait and the Arab Gulf. This coincides with a media campaign ahead of the film’s release later this August.
They also appreciated the high-tech level at which the work was accomplished artistically and creatively, befitting Kuwait’s name.
In a special statement released by artist Hamad Al-Omani, “I can’t describe my joy to be part of the film “Shyabni Hani”, which we shot between Kuwait and Mexico for about 3 years. It gave us a golden opportunity to collaborate with Hollywood stars and art crew led by talented Kuwaiti director Ziad.
For her part, actress Rawan Al-Mahdi said: I consider my experience in the film “Shyabni Hani” a real addition to my credit and my artistic experience, firstly in collaboration with the artist director Ziad Al-Husseini and his high-level production, artistic and technical team, through high expertise. This film has been completed.
Al-Mahdi continued: “The film won the audience award at the Red Sea Film Festival, which can be described as the most important international film festival in the Middle East. My joy is indescribable. The film was screened at the public and critical levels at the festival.”

Artist Faisal Al-Amiri said, “Shayabni Hani” was one of the most important cinematic experiences and it gave me the opportunity to present aspects of my craft as an actor, even though I had limited exposure. In addition to an artistic team led by renowned director Ziad Al-Hussaini, who collaborated with a renowned constellation of local and Hollywood artists and stars, he managed to achieve his exchange through this experience that combines adventure and social dialogue. Art architecture at a scale acceptable to audiences around the world.
The artist, Hamad Al-Omani, reiterates: The film introduces Kuwaiti cinema to high artistic boundaries and provides experience for all elements of work for friction, appeal and exchange of artistic, creative and professional experiences.
Actress Rawan Al-Mahdi points out that the film establishes a new chapter in the parade of Kuwaiti cinema.
Faisal Al-Amiri says that the film will be shown at the end, which is the most beautiful gift we give to fans of the seventh art in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Cooperation Council countries. of the current month of August.

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The film “Shiabni Hani”, many scenes of which were shot in Kuwait, with a part in Mexico, is classified as a feature-length novel with a dramatic, dynamic nature and no sense of humor. Both Arabic and English. It was written, directed and produced by Dr. Ziyad Al-Hussaini, and it was co-produced by Kuwaiti producer Abdulaziz Al-Yaqoud, Hollywood Mashari Al-Mutawa and (Foo) stage Kuwaiti producer and Saudi director and producer Hamza Zamjoom. Many stars will participate in the championship, including Yaqub Abdullah, Hamad Al-Omani, Faisal Al-Amiri, Rawan Mahdi, Hala Al-Turk, Abdullah Bahman and Hollywood star Ron Perlman. Jassim Al-Naban, Bollywood star Javed Jafri, journalist Hessa Al-Loukhani and others.

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