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Audi has chosen Dubai to showcase two new cars for the first time


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Audi Middle East has unveiled its latest flagship luxury car, the A8 and S8, exclusively for the media in Dubai before their official launch.

Audi has provided two primary saloon cars with all new designs to redefine the luxury quality of its current fleet. Both the A8 and S8 are equipped with advanced headlights and taillights with many innovative functions that reflect the latest technologies of the car, providing users with a contemporary experience that focuses on them whether they are passengers or even drivers.

Carsten Bender, CEO, Audi Middle East, said: “Audi has introduced the A8 and S8, the new standards that integrate the world of luxury and performance, into two flagship cars that offer a refined and luxurious experience for both passengers and drivers.

The release of the all-new A8 and S8 coincided with Skyspire’s presentation, which shows Audi’s vision of a future luxury with self – driving technologies, innovative interior design and an advanced digital system.

The A8 and S8 cars reflect the unique status of the Audi brand and exemplify the meanings of the original character that characterize the company.

Both vehicles showcase the flagship and luxury of the Four Rings brand and are due to arrive in the region later this year. Audi has taken the fourth generation of these two luxury cars, launched in 2017, to new heights in design, performance and luxury, and continues to offer sophisticated positions at the company to this day.

The A8 and S8 cater to the changing needs of customers. The concept of luxury in both cars is mainly determined by the new advanced technologies, pleasant and comfortable cabin experience. This concept manifests itself in the S8 from a performance perspective inspired by the history of Audi motorsports, as it combines sophisticated luxury with sporty dynamism.

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