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Austria imposes isolation measures on those who do not receive the “corona” vaccine


Vienna – Reuters
On Monday, Austria imposed isolation measures on those who have not been vaccinated against the corona virus, with infections rising across Europe as winter approaches, and Germany plans to tighten controls and expand Britain’s booster dose program.
Again, Europe has become the epicenter of epidemics in the world, prompting some countries to re-impose restrictions as Christmas approaches, and this has sparked a debate over whether vaccines alone are enough to control Govt-19.
The corona virus spreads rapidly as people gather indoors and outdoors during the winter months.
Last week, the average number of injuries in Europe in seven days exceeded half the number worldwide, and half of the most recent deaths were recorded, according to Reuters.
Governments and corporations fear that a long-running epidemic could undermine the current weak economic recovery.
Austria’s Conservative-led government says about two million of its nine million residents are now allowed to leave their homes for limited reasons, such as traveling to work or going to the market to buy basic necessities.
But there is widespread concern even among governors and police about the possibility of imposing such a closure, as it is difficult to verify whether a traveler is actually going to work and whether the shopkeeper is going to buy non-essential items. .
“My goal is very clear, to get those who are not vaccinated to get it, not to isolate those who are not vaccinated,” Austrian President Alexander Shalenberg explained to ORF radio on Sunday.
The aim of the closure is to address the record level of injuries caused by one of the lowest rates in Western Europe, with the proportion of people fully vaccinated in Austria reaching about 65 percent.

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