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United Arab Emirates: Coordinating international efforts to support Libyan aspirations


Abu Dhabi (agencies)

The United Arab Emirates stressed the importance of international community support for the aspirations of Libyans and the need to involve them in all international endeavors related to the future of our brotherly country of Libya.
Minister of State Sheikh Shakbud bin Nahyan Al Nahyan praised the success of the National Unity Government in organizing a conference in support of Libya’s stability in the French capital, Tripoli, last October.
During his address to the conference, he extended his congratulations and appreciation to the leadership of the United Arab Emirates to the Republic of France, the Republic of Germany, the Republic of Italy, the State of Libya and the United Nations. To organize the conference.
He welcomed the United Arab Emirates to all Libyan and UN efforts to support the implementation of the agreed political elections at the Libyan Political Forum. Including the enactment of laws necessary to hold parliamentary and presidential elections on a scheduled date.
His Excellency welcomed the United Nations-sponsored “5 + 5” Joint Military Group’s signed action plan for the gradual, parallel and serial withdrawal of troops, foreign fighters and mercenaries from Libya.
At the end of his speech, the Hon.
His Excellency the French President Emmanuel Macron hosted the International Conference on Libya, with Angela Merkel, President of the Federal Republic of Germany, Mario Tragi, Prime Minister of the Italian Republic, and Dr. Mohd. Co-chaired by Mohamed L. Monfi. , Hon’ble Engineer. To the United Nations, with high-level participation of Antonio Guterres and representatives of countries and international organizations involved in the Libyan issue.

  • When Shakbut bin Nahyan attended the conference

At a conference in Paris yesterday, world powers agreed to impose sanctions on any party or individual that could disrupt the electoral process and political change in Libya.
The meeting was aimed at increasing global support for the December 24 elections and increasing efforts to eliminate foreign forces.
These elections are seen as an important moment in the pro-UN peace process, ending a decade of violent chaos and instability in the Mediterranean following the 2011 NATO-backed uprising against Muammar Gaddafi.
Amid differences over the date of the vote, the conference’s final statement said it would support a referendum “beginning on December 24” if the results of the presidential and parliamentary elections were announced simultaneously. The UN has called for both elections to take place on December 24.
Foreign powers want “non-exempt” elections, which will open the door to all contesting candidates.
Conference participants noted their awareness of the importance of uniting Libyan institutions with the democratic mandate from the people and encouraged the creation of a broadly acceptable permanent constitution once the new parliament was elected, and appealed to all relevant Libyan authorities and institutions to provide HNEC. With the necessary support to conduct the election.
The final statement, the union saw its copy, explained that deportation of mercenaries, foreign fighters, foreign forces and NGOs requires guidance, and called on all relevant actors to implement its rules without delay. Joint Military Committee on the “5 + 5” Conversation. , With the support of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya, requires rapid coordination between their home countries and Libya. The report praised the “5 + 5” group for supporting the comprehensive action plan for the withdrawal of mercenaries, foreign fighters and foreign troops, and for its key role in taking steps to maintain security and enforce the ceasefire agreement.

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