June 7, 2023

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Ayman al-Rifa'i: The punishment of Hamdallah is equal to the act

Ayman al-Rifa’i: The punishment of Hamdallah is equal to the act

Ayman Al-Rifai, a legal adviser and former head of the Disciplinary and Ethics Committee, confirmed that the punishments handed down by the expert panel and the players’ conditions were genuine and unfair.

Al-Rifai explained during the meeting of the sports bulletin on “Al-Arabiya”: The penalties are not soft or unfair, they are in accordance with the rules and regulations.

Al-Rifai added: The difference between negotiation and inducement is that the former is a good behavior and the first step in the contractual process, but it must be in a protected period with the permission of the club, otherwise it is considered illegal negotiation and inducement. A negative term punishable by a sports penalty.

Al-Rifai affirmed: The Expert Committee has the right to refer the case to the Disciplinary Committee if there is evidence in the records confirming the suspicion of manipulation of the results, and possibly to the Dispute Resolution Chamber of the International Football Association. “FIFA” takes the decisions of the expert panel until it reaches the final position.

And the former Disciplinary Committee President said: Once the arbitrator has found an impropriety, he can submit the win to the Dispute Resolution Chamber in “FIFA” to support his complaint in the contract dispute by having contacts between the player and the club. , which invited the player’s revolt, perhaps because the professional team had become completely convinced that there was no manipulation and that the sanctions were merely negotiations.

Al-Rifai expressed the degree of influence of legal personality in the representation of their clubs: if the legal person intervenes with the knowledge of the club and with his authorization, the club is responsible, but he acts individually and the club reports him, then he abandons the responsibility of the club at that time.

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