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EA’s optional limitations on The Sims 4 after the answer


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Last month, EA announced new rules and payment methods, early access, and restrictions on how creators can publish their creations. This led to many unhappy reactions and constant controversies within the company Sims Social.

The Sims 4 It may have been released in 2014, but Life Simulator receives massive official updates and has a large and active community of mods that continue to create user-generated content for the game on PC. Some of these creators make a living by selling bikes or receiving donations from players who enjoy their work. So EA’s July 26 policy update — which said it would no longer be possible to sell mods or lock them behind a Patreon subsidiary — sparked an online firestorm.

In an update released to the official EA The Sims 4 Help DeskThe company clarified that surveyors cannot be “sold, licensed or rented for a fee” and that surveyors cannot include or support “financial transactions of any kind”. This means you can’t paste your digital store inside The Sims 4 Sell ​​NFT jerseys or sell your bikes through the website.

EA acknowledges that mod development takes time and resources and allows creators to sell ads and receive donations on their mod sites, but creators cannot include these things in the game itself.

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But when this support page was first published, the section mentioning paid early access was not included. This has led to a huge backlash as many content creators and mods use the early access model and release mods to dedicated fans who want to pay before everything works properly or is finished. Once the mod is complete, the developers release it for free, and the paid period helps support them while they work to complete the mod.

EA has seemingly gone about as you’d expect after this very old system adopted by the community. This is quite a turn off as the publisher is generally supportive of this Sims A changing society. Jamespot Talk to some creators about the situationSome explained how they managed to survive by selling access to mods.

“Early access to Patreon is one of the only reasons I can afford medicine, food, pet care, and an apartment so I can live to care for my disabled father.” The Sims 4 Moder Jellyfish he said Jamespot.

After a lot of backlash from players and some bad news, EA has now reversed course and earlier today Update the help article Add a specific setting for paid early access. While selling mods directly or locking them behind a firewall is still unacceptable, this new update empowers the community-approved Patreon.

This is text added by EA To ensure that this type of payment mod is OK with the system.

Provide incentives for early access for a reasonable amount of time. After a reasonable initial access period, all users can access the mods completely free of charge regardless of whether they contribute or not.

However, it helped bring closure how much Since the fire, others are still worried about how mysterious this new rule is. How long can a mod stay in early access before EA announces that it should be removed and made free? The EA only says “reasonable time” but doesn’t specify, and assumes that it allows the publisher some freedom when evaluating changes on a case-by-case basis.

shed I contacted EA and asked for clarification regarding the early access rule.

So far, Sims Fans and creators Like KawaiiFoxita He is cautiously optimistic about the situation. Of course, if EA finds that a “reasonable time” equals five days or a week, it finds itself in yet another quandary.

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