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Azerbaijan celebrates poet Nizami’s 800th birthday


Gavitan Husseinov, vice president of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Dubai, said his country is celebrating poet Nizami Kanzavi this year. In a statement issued today at the event, President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev wants to honor and draw attention to these national symbols, especially in the field of literature, like all other influential people. He is interested in introducing our literature and culture to the world, pointing out that he is very focused on celebrating the anniversaries of famous personalities.

By 2021, 800 years will have passed since the birth of the great poet and thinker Nizami Kanzavi, Husseinov said. On this occasion, President Ilham Aliyev declared the Republic of Azerbaijan as “2021 Nizami Cannabis Year”.

The great poet Nizami Kanchavi was born in 1441 AD in the city of Ganja. That is, in the twelfth century in which the poet lived, it was a century full of scientific and cultural achievements. What emerges from his literary works is that he studied in his hometown and from his childhood learned Arabic, Pahlavi, Persian and Greek, as well as the sciences of his time. At the time, educational opportunities were widespread in the city of Cannabis.

Nizami’s work as a unique phenomenon of art human thought has become an inseparable part of the spirituality of our people for more than eight centuries.

Husseinov explained, “The life of this great genius and his rich literary work is associated with the city of cannabis, which at that time became famous not only in Azerbaijan and the Caucasus, but also in the Near and Middle East.”

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He said that the poet had lived a long life full of thought, creativity, culture, literature and poetry and had given the pearls of oral art to world literature, some of which were more valuable than others. One of the poet’s precious works, “The Five” is based on the culmination of research on spiritual riches for mankind and holds its rightful place in the immortal works of world literature.


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