February 7, 2023

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اليوتيوبر الصينية آسيا تقلد عادل إمام

Chinese YouTuber Asia continues the tradition of Adel Imam .. “Is this guy stupid?” | News

Adel Imam, a Chinese YouTuber Asia artist, is one of the most popular works in the field of cinema and drama.

A few hours ago, Asia released a new clip in which Adel Imam jokingly followed the “leader” play.

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Following Asia is not limited to the role played by Adel Imam in the play, he also imitated the late Mustafa Medwali, Ahmed Ratib and Yusuf Dawood.

YouTuber Asia has previously followed Adele Imam in other works, including the play “The School of Reuters”, “Shahid Mashbash Hajja”, “Morgan Ahmed Marjan”, “Bakht and Adela” and the film “Forbidden on the Night of”. Taqla “, in which I followed the late artist Samir Khan.

The Asian channel on YouTube has many clips following comedians like Mohammad Hendi, Mohammad Sophie, Saeed Saleh and Mohammad Chad.

The Chinese Utopian graduated from Asia with a master’s degree in Arabic, and expressed his admiration for Egyptian landmarks such as the Pyramids of Giza, the Egyptian Museum and the Temple of Karnak, and expressed a desire to return to Egypt.

Asia also explained that it takes practice and a long time to execute these characters because they follow more than one script and what you say must match the words of the original character.

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