March 29, 2023

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Aziz Al-Shafi defends Hamaki after Jamalek fans’ anger: He does not want to hurt | News

Poet and composer Aziz al-Shafi defended artist Mohammed Hamaki after Jamalek fans became angry over a video he circulated for singing the song “Jeha Min” to celebrate al-Ahly’s victory at the last summit.

Hamaki edited the lyrics of the song during a wedding celebration and said, “Qusad al-Famha, we are students,” instead of “Qusad al-Qamsa, we are students,” referring to al-Ahly’s last 5-3 victory. Friday’s game.

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Aziz L-Shafi quoted a video of a concert of Hamaki singing the song “Jamalkavi Anna” presented by Aziz L-Shafi many years ago, confirming that Mohammad Hamaki is a good man who does not want to harass others.

Al-Shafi’i explained that Mohammed Hamaki’s celebration of al-Ahli’s success was due to his association with his brother Tariq, who encouraged Hamaki and Jamalek, and that the aim of the song was to ask the public to accept these things simply and to joke with them. Without sectarianism.

Aziz Al-Shafi concluded his speech, emphasizing his understanding of the anger of Jamalek fans, but he realized that Mohamed Hamaki was a respectable person who did not want to do any harm to others.

The song “Zeha Min”, which caused the crisis, was written by Aziz Al-Shafei and composed by Tamim and released on Hamaki’s latest album “Ya Fatni”.

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