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The Abu Dhabi market continues to fly at the highest level in its history


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Foreign and institutional investors boosted their buying in the local stock markets in yesterday’s trade, amid mixed activity on key indicators that the Abu Dhabi market was at its highest in its history and the Dubai market was among the picks among the picks. Purchases of foreigners and companies to take advantage of opportunities coincide with companies’ announcements about their quarterly profits for the quarter.

The Abu Dhabi market rose 0.98% to close at 8093.7 points, while shares of banking, investment, insurance, energy and services rose and the Dubai market fell 0.29% to 3098.

Shares of the two markets, which were distributed 1.45 billion in Abu Dhabi and 889.8 million in Dubai, attracted cash flows of about 2.3 billion dirhams. A total of 965.4 million shares were traded, of which 330.8 million activated 16.17 thousand transactions in Abu Dhabi and 634.5 million in Dubai.

Dubai Market

“Emirates NBD” strengthened Dubai market consolidation by 1.26% with a 0.52% increase, while Islamic Dubai Islamic »was stable and the investment sector was up 1.9%, ப Dubai Financial Market was up 14.46% and ua Shuaa Capital» was up 5.4%, «Dubai Investment fell 3.04%. The real estate sector fell 1.32% and the transportation sector fell 2.65%.

“Dubai Financial Market” topped the list with 305.7 million dirhams, followed by Emaar Properties with 145.8 million dirhams. “Dubai Market” saw the largest increase in the stock market, while “Union Properties” was 4.72% lower. Arab and foreign investors and citizens sought to buy with a net investment of 54.3 million dirhams, while foreign investors sought to monetize.

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Abu Dhabi Market

The rise of the Abu Dhabi market supported the growth of the banking sector by 1% on the impact of “First Abu Dhabi” 1.42% and “Abu Dhabi Commercial” 0.24%, while “Abu Dhabi Islamic” declined 0.34%. Investment sector increased by 2.18%, “International Holding” by 3.47% and “Ezrak” by 0.27%, while “Alpha Abu Dhabi” by 1.09%. The energy sector grew by 2.85%. The real estate sector fell 1.83%. The telecommunications sector fell 0.2%.

“International Holdings” dominated the process, attracting 357.3 million dirhams, followed by “First Abu Dhabi” 281.6 million. “Fujairah Cement” saw the biggest increase at 15%, while “Easy List” was 10% lower. Arab, Gulf and foreign investors sought to buy with a net investment of 80.86 million dirhams, while national investors sought to cash in.

Institutional investment

Companies sought to buy in both markets with a net investment of 46 million dirhams, of which 34.3 million in Dubai and 11.7 million in Abu Dhabi, while private investors sought to cash in on a net investment of 46 million dirhams, which was distributed as 34.3 million. In Dubai and 11.7 million in Abu Dhabi.


முதல Gulf Investment Company’s net profit increased to 22.49 million dirhams in the first nine months of this year from 618.08 thousand dirhams in the same period last year.

Net profit of Umm Al Quwain General Investment increased to 41.8 million dirhams in the first nine months of this year from 8.23 ​​million dirhams in the same period last year.

ஓ “Orient Insurance”‘s profit rose to 400.14 million dirhams in the first nine months of this year from 378.23 million dirhams in the same period last year.

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● Unikai Foods’ profit reached 7.54 million dirhams at the end of September this year, up from 1.83 million dirhams in the same period last year.


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