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Baby for “Zico”: I got the role in 200 contestants, Menna Shalapi called me a genius | News

For two days, the movie “For Zico” starring Menna Shalabi, Kareem Mahmood Abdel Aziz and baby Yusuf Sala will be available in theaters.

Since the announcement, baby Yusuf has attracted a lot of attention, and by delivering a promotional song for the movie “Al-Kajala Raiqa”, the audience praised Yusuf and his spontaneity, which was evident in his performance.

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FilFan.com conducted an interview with Yusuf behind the scenes of the film to find out when his love for acting and his innovation began in the coming period.

Here are his most important statements:

– I am 7 years old.

When I was 5 I participated in the series “I Divorced Myself” and also participated in an ad for Hospital 57357 with Vel Jazer.

– I took part in an exam with more than 200 children to participate in “For Zico” until I was selected.

– Kareem Mahmood Abdel Aziz and Menna Shalabi participated in the championship so I was very happy with my role in the film and I was not scared.

– Menna Shalby The first day of filming, he took me to director Peter Mimi and asked who had chosen me, saying I was a genius.

– Menna Shalabi will always be with me because she is my mother and I too, she loved me so much, we were all really like family.

– I’m very happy with the comments from the audience, and my family treats me like a star, they call me “Zigo”.

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– My sister Jana is the reason for my love for acting and she always supports me.


– I’m co-starring with director Peter Mimi in the “Al-Jisr” series and the “Shelot Al-Ans” series, and I have another series in Ramadan.

Also starring Kareem Mahmood Abdel Aziz, Menna Shalabi, Mohammad Mahmood, Amr Abdel Jalil, Mahmoud Hafeez, Rania Mansour and Carolyn Azmi, “For Zico” was written by Mustafa Hamdi and directed by Peter Mimi.

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