March 25, 2023

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ظاهرة خطيرة.. تغيرات المناخ تذيب ثلوج جبال الألب في عز الشتاء (فيديو)

A dangerous event … Climate change melts the snow in the Alps in winter (video)

Drone shots of the Motoron Summit in the Alps showed almost no snowfall, with temperatures continuously hovering above 10 degrees Celsius.

Expected Wolf ” RudelyUnusually hot weather, seen last Saturday, triggered avalanche warnings and is expected to continue until Monday.

The record-breaking hottest temperature for artificial ice is 17 degrees Celsius at an altitude of 1,500 meters in France and Spain.

In another context, a small lake five kilometers from the summit of Mount Kosciuszko gave scientists an even better indication of the relationship between rising temperatures and the loss of native plant species and the frequency of fires in the snowy mountains, the website said. Physics Technical .

The snow is melting in the area

Melting ice
Melting ice

In a study led by the University of New South Wales in Sydney, meteorologists, biologists and engineers examined the core model of the bottom of the Lake Club, which provided a glimpse into the climate and environment of the region over the past 3,500 years..

With the gradual increase in temperature during this period, a dramatic warming event of 1,600 years ago lasted for six centuries, and they were amazed to find that the regional fire activity increased and the plants moved to higher altitudes, which produced the atom. The anomaly is interesting because it bears a striking resemblance to today’s conditions, not only are temperatures rising at the same rate today, but the native plant species are moving colder and higher as wildfires become more frequent and destructive..

Leading author Dr. Joe Thomas says intelligent governments, ecosystems and scientists of the past can come up with effective strategies to protect the native flora of the Australian Alps..

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