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"عادة خاطئة".. لماذا لا يجب غسل الدجاج قبل طهيه؟

“Bad habit” .. Why not wash the chicken before cooking?

07:01 PM

2021 September 15 Wednesday

I wrote – Asma Morsi

Washing after buying green chicken is a common ritual performed by many housewives, but did you know that this habit is harmful and dangerous to your health?

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says washing the chicken before cooking is not only unnecessary but can also spread germs.

Why is it harmful to wash chicken?

Disease Control Centers (CDCs) emphasize the importance of not washing raw chicken because it can spread germs from chicken to dishes or other utensils in the kitchen.

In a tweet to “CDC” via Twitter, the US organization explained why raw chicken should be avoided by washing, and the germs in the chicken are killed by cooking, but not by washing, so washing the chicken in water only spreads the germs and does not remove them.

The center also pointed out that raw poultry is sometimes contaminated by bacteria such as Salmonella, Clostridium perfringens and Campylobacter.

He explains: “If you eat uncooked chicken or other foods or drinks mixed with raw chicken, you can get food poisoning called food poisoning.” If you put the curry in the sink to wash it, any germs or bacteria that can spread it. If you use one of these utensils later, you may get food poisoning due to indirect contact with raw chicken.

How to make sure there are no germs in the chicken?

Before reusing to chop other vegetables, wash the knife used to cut the chicken and make sure the chicken is well cooked before eating the cutting board.

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Avoid placing cooked food or fresh produce on a plate, cutting board or other surface where you previously had raw chicken.

Wash your hands with soap after chopping the chicken before you start chopping other vegetables.