March 30, 2023

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Balkis starts "Masanqi" in Egyptian dialect in mid-August

Balkis starts “Masanqi” in Egyptian dialect in mid-August

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Ilaf: After announcing her new song, Yemeni singer Balkis Fathi posted a video on her Instagram account, without giving details of the work, in which she dances with composer Muhammad Yahya and inside the studio. Produced by Hamdi Badr.
“Oh, Jatan, the one who comes with the creators Muhammad Yahya and Hamdi Badr,” he commented.

In press reports, producer Hamdi Badr revealed the details of Belkis’ new song, which is in Egyptian dialect and titled “Al-Maskanji”, with lyrics by Malak Adel, melody by Mohamed Yahya and production by “Craft Media”, and is scheduled to be released on various music platforms in mid-August.

It is clear from the music clip that the young star has leaked that the song “Masangi” is edgy and perfect for the summer vibe.

On the other hand, Balkis Fathi recently threw a big party in Saudi Arabia, when he participated in the “Gamer’s Season” concerts in Riyadh, and his concert was considered the biggest in the Kingdom.

As for his latest work, the song “People of Love”, a joint work with Iraqi artist Kazem Al-Sahar, is the first collaboration that brought them together, and the song was worked on and finished 5 years ago, but was delayed until it was launched in the market recently, due to the spread of the coronavirus.

At the beginning of the summer season, Belkis released his first songs in Egyptian titled “We Ndatla” and it was promoted on social media platforms and YouTube, where it received a huge hit rate and audience by its fans.

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