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Nino Cheruti is the first person to leave the fashion world in 2022


The demise of Italian designer Nino Cerutti in 2022 is the first sad news for the fashion world. What are the most important moments in the life of this designer who holds the title of “Fashion Philosopher”? Who were the key figures who introduced the concept of readymade garments for men in the twentieth century?

Cerutti died at a hospital in northwestern Italy at the age of 91, where he was admitted for hip surgery. He will be remembered in the fashion world as the man who first introduced the concept of “normal chic” in men’s fashion and created the asymmetrical blazer for men in the 1970s. With their style, with more elegance in their freedom. ” . He was always interested in first wearing his designs in many of the textile factories founded by his grandfather in 1881.

Milestones in his life

Nino Cheruti dreamed of becoming a journalist, so he began his studies in the field of philosophy. But he had to dedicate himself to working in his family-owned textile factory after the death of his father in his twenties. In the 1960s, Nino met Giorgio Armani and hired him as a menswear designer. They formed a successful couple and left deep marks in the fashion world before they split up.

As Carrot lamented, Carlo Cabasa, president of the Italian National Chamber of Fashion, said: “He was a great inventor, a visionary who pioneered many ideas that have become realistic in today’s fashion.” According to designer Giorgio Armani, he told an Italian newspaper: “Nino had a keen eye, genuine curiosity and the courage to take action.”

Cerutti opened his first store in Paris in 1967, introducing his luxury brand on the path to world fame, and he always said: “There will be clothes the moment I wear them, and my clothes want to be vibrant.”

Fashion philosopher

During the revolution in France in 1968, Nino Cerutti revolutionized the fashion industry when models and models wore identical designs. Then, in 1970, she started her first women’s collection with her signature, followed by a collection of perfumes, watches, shoes and jewelry.

Over the years, Cheruti has earned the nickname “Fashion Philosopher” and has become increasingly popular among international stars who have gathered to wear her outfits, including Richard Carey, Robert Redford and Jean-Paul Goldier. In the 1970s, his clothing house became the official designer of the Ferrari Formula 1 team.

From the Cherutti Women's Spring 1977 collection

As the days go by, Cerutti struggled to keep pace with the fierce global competition in the luxury fashion industry. It forced the sale of the Cerruti1881 brand to Italian investors in 2001, which was transferred to the US Investment Fund and later to the Trinity Group of China. After the sale, Cerutti retired.

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