March 25, 2023

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Barcelona blocks the way for Paris to include Messi, with a lawsuit


A number of Barcelona members prepared a complaint before the European Commission, in addition to a request for a temporary suspension before the civil and administrative judiciary in France, to prevent Paris Saint-Germain from contracting Messi.

The members’ lawyer, Juan Branco, posted a message on Twitter, explaining that the plaintiffs had filed the lawsuit for financial reasons.

The lawyer at the Court of Appeal in Paris said: “Paris Saint-Germain’s ratios, in terms of fair financial play, are worse than Barcelona’s. In the 2019-2020 season, the ratio between the salaries and incomes of the Parisian team was 99%, while Barcelona’s was 54%.”

He added, “It is inconceivable that financial fair play will exacerbate the drift of football business, and its mobilization by sovereign powers.”

The members emphasized their efforts to ask the competent authorities to intervene immediately to prevent this process harmful to their interests.

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An unexpected English offer for Messi

And Sky Sports revealed earlier that Paris Saint-Germain offered a two-season contract to the former Barcelona captain, with an annual salary of 25 million pounds per season.

It is noteworthy that the Argentine Messi (34) contract with Barcelona expired on June 30, and Messi wanted to continue with Barcelona and reached an agreement with him about renewing his contract, sacrificing half of his salary, and he was supposed to sign it last Thursday.

But the economic problems that Barcelona is going through prevented it from documenting the new contract that would have ensured Messi’s continuity with the club for five seasons.

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Source: “Agency”