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Basma Wahba kisses Madiha Hamdi’s hand in the air | News


Artist Madiha Hamdi, who was a guest on Al-Mehwar’s “90 Minutes” show, was greeted by journalist Basma Wahba for the tunes of the song “Wahshtuni” and she embraced and kissed him. Her hand in the air.

Introducing the talented artist, Basma Wahba said: “He was one of the artists of the beautiful times and a person before he was an artist, a loyal and majestic mother and wife, and the audience was always like Madiha Hamdi his sister or his mother and the accused, my father, the sailor, the Dougari family. And forgets its role in the presence of its history. ” The great man on the radio is like Imam al-Shafi’i. “

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Madiha Hamdi recently spoke about being infected with the corona virus: “I was infected with the corona virus twice, I followed the medical protocol, the second time was harder than the first time, generally I did not like people. Worry, because it eliminates physical exhaustion and there is no need to be afraid, because we are in a season and injuries recur, and I advise you to treat this like any other reflex role. “


Mathiha Hamdi said, “I’m glad the new generation of young people know me when I attend a religious evening or cultural salon, and I see that there are more young people,” he explained, adding that the proliferation of satellite channels and YouTube has always highlighted them. .

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He added, “I was forced to participate in historical works. Although I had a production company, I did not produce any works of art for myself, but I was interested in producing for others, and I did not want or want to follow. Someone.”

The artist, Madiha Hamdi, sent a message to parents: “I advise the mother to interact more with the children, so when she sees creativity or talent, she should nurture it and encourage the children to be active in school. She may be an inventor, musician or artist. “

Madiha Hamdi recalled the circumstances in which she discovered her talent: “My mother found me, went to school parties with me, and encouraged me to join television.”

He completed his studies at the University of Ain Shams and did not join the Institute of Drama, but artist Naima Wassef worked with him on more than one play, and studied himself a lot in the field of art.

He added, “I collaborated with Yusuf Wehbe, Hamdi Keith, Sana Jamil, Karima Mokhtar, Kamal Yassin, Hussein L-Sherbini and Nadia L-Shenawi, and thanked Naima Wasef.”

Madiha Hamdi expressed her delight at hosting the event: “I am with you, Lord, I am at the level of conversation, and you too are wearing the green I love.”

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