March 25, 2023

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Beating war drums ... what became of "Ahmad Ess" and "Ahmad El-Sakka" in Oak

Beating war drums … what became of “Ahmad Ess” and “Ahmad El-Sakka” in Oak

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Russian President Vladimir Putin announced on Thursday morning that he would launch a military operation in Ukraine, claiming he was “defending himself”.

Ukraine is one of the Eastern European countries that has seen the shooting of many Egyptian works of art, including “The Hostage”, “The Dealer” and “Timor and Shafika”.
In 2006, director Sandra Neshat decided to present most of the events of her second film in Ukraine with actor Ahmed Eis, which was “The Hostage” and starred Yasmin Abdel Aziz, Salah Abdullah, Majeed El-Katwani, Noor, and the late Mohammed Sharaf.
The events of the film, written by the late writer Nabil Farooq, were scripted by screenwriter Nader Salah al-Din and drafted into dialogue, revolving around the abduction of an Egyptian scientist named “Makram Sahab – Salah Abdullah”. , In Ukraine, “Mustafa – Ahmad Is” involved in the rescue operation.
The shooting scenes of the film, as revealed by director Sandra Nashat, saw many adventures when she appeared on the show “Her Majesty”, during the shooting in very cold weather in the mountains and on the beach.

Timer and Shafika
In 2007, artist Ahmed El-Sakka and artist Mona Zaki traveled to Ukraine to shoot scenes for the movie “Timor and Shafiqa” by Khalid Merhi, written by writer Tamar Habib.
Artist Ahmed El-Sakka, who appeared on the show “With You”, spoke of filming scenes from the film “Timur and Shafiqa” and added: “I was seriously dying, not Hazar, we were. Shooting is taking place outside Egypt in the disputed area between Ukraine and Russia. .

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Al-Saqa confirmed that one of the people who worked on the film ignored the bombing, and added: “I decided to jump even though the scene did not work, I put on my normal clothes without a condom. I jumped into the water with temperatures below 4 below zero, I had burns and wanted a week to use creams and ointments.”


In 2010, artist Ahmed El-Saqqa traveled to Ukraine for the second time and participated in the film “The Dealer” written by artist Khalid El-Nabawi Medat El-Atl, directed by Ahmed Salih.

Behind the scenes of the filming, there were several crises between its producer and late producer, Mohamed Hassan Ramsey, and the Ukrainian company responsible for filming in his country, and the controversy reached the point where the company refused to pay the value. Stayed at a hotel there and stopped serving raw cans of filmed shots.

Birth certificate
The artist, Tarek Lotfi, went to Ukraine in 2016 and starred in his second series, “Birth Certificate”, directed by Ahmed Medath and produced by Tamar Morsi, “Birth Certificate” by Abdullah, Engi El-Mogadam and Baomi Fouad.
Work events saw many chases, and his hero, the police officer, “Ali – Tariq Lodfi” was severely beaten.