May 30, 2023

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Queen gambit تقتنص 11جائزة إيمي بالرغم من أزمتها الأخيرة.. اعرف الحكاية

Queen Gambit snatches 11 Emmy Awards despite her latest crisis .. The story is clear

Despite the recent crisis with Georgian chess player Nonna Kabrindashvili, in which she accused Netflix and her series Queen Gambit of slander and misinformation to the story of the series, the series won 11 of the 18 nominations at the last ceremony yesterday.

The series, the first streaming series to win the Limited Series Award, has won 11 of the last 73 Emmy Awards for Motion Picture, Cinematography, Costume, Script, Cosmetics, Best Sound and Product Design for a Series.

In a statement to the Chess newspaper, executive producer William Horberg said: “The only thing that no method can predict is that billions of dollars can not be budgeted, and the awards that are verbally harvested in the series’ episodes are,” Addition: This award is for the audience who tell their friends to watch this play. “

The 80-year-old Georgian star comes just days after suing Netflix for allegedly slandering the American stage, saying he never played with men in his series because he faced at least 59 players, including 28 players in a match.

The newspaper quoted details of the case filed by Chess Myth as saying: “By 1968, Kaprindashvili was competing with 59 male players, including 10 senior professors, which contradicted the series’ report. Beth Hormone owes the character, and Kaprindashvili sought $ 5 million in compensation from the American company, and they have to apologize for the misinformation that she never handled men in her life.

Kaprindashvili, a chess legend, was born in 1941 in the Georgian city of Jugidi. She started playing chess at the age of 13 and became a world chess champion at the age of twenty, and became the first woman “chess master” to receive this title.

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