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Before they leave the train of life


With the passing of a great creator who shaped our lives, I ask: were we able to document their lives before they reached the end of life?

The truth often shocks me. We don’t pay attention. As usual we don’t wake up until it’s too late. Everyone who has dealt with the “media” realizes that hot, turbulent events take all our energy. , and before we fold the pages of our lives, we do not find enough time to turn them, we forget, and we often speak with pride and pride about the past, which we believe is the only source of beauty and honesty. Then you will find out. There are dozens of fabricated stories in dozens of programs circulating on YouTube about the past.

A few weeks ago, the great singer Naja Sallam left us, we all went to the archive, we found only fragments, some of which may have more questions than answers, for example, we told her in her final years, we continued her gradual withdrawal from artistic life: “Thank you .” Naja continued to sing, even after she donned the hijab, as she repeated part of her mesmerizing set, oozing joy and happiness.

Naja was eager to rise as an Arab with two wings: the Lebanese tone and dialect parallel to the Egyptian tone and dialect, uniting them and the people, he sang in Egypt for the genius composer. Country of Cedars, Philemon Wahba or Riyad al-Sunbati’s sobriety, oriental and Egyptian in his singing in Lebanon.

Many have said that he etched his veins of love into the hearts of Egyptians 70 years ago when Emirati singer Hussain Al Jazmi sang “O precious name in existence, O Egypt.” true Naja Salam before that lived in the hearts of Egyptians with his sincerity when he sang in Lebanese dialect.

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The artist does not need to master Arabic dialects, only a sense of sincerity, and then no one will talk about the passport.

In the sixties, the Syrian singer Fahd Ballan had great success in Egypt and the Arab world, singing in the Syrian language and tone, and this was repeated with Kazem Al-Saher, who sang in the Iraqi dialect.

I think it makes no difference to you to know that Farid al-Atrash had four Arabs: Syria, the country of his birth, Lebanon, Egypt and Sudan. Is entry allowed?

Were we able to document the lives of all these people? From time to time, I flip through the old pages and find that what some elders said and recorded without a “montage” in their presence is not even true. Change the information or a document, which will reveal that the answers are more manipulated in the date of birth.

For example, since Abdel Halim Hafiz always mocked Farid al-Atrash and described him in more than one meeting as his father’s age, Farid was keen to deny this information in all his conversations, in short, seven years his age, he was officially born in 1910, but he was in 1917. Confirms that he was born. That is, he is only 12 years older than Abdel Halim, so he cannot be considered ironically in the position of a father. Just as Abdel Halim Hafeez mentions the years she spent in an orphanage in all her conversations, Umm Kulthum does not allow anyone to ask her about her feelings as a woman. Her reply: “After I die, write, but my personal feelings are not for media circulation.

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These great people have documented a part of their lives, and during this period, creative people leave us one by one, and many details of their lives are lost in the mass of scandals and fabricated stories that have unfortunately become headlines.

Dozens of programs feed on lies, the “media” is filled with them, and with extreme pressure, they are passed off as truth. Do we wake up and document their history before they are successively derailed from the train of life?

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