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“Behind the Curtains” is a romantic and social story full of events and cultural dimensions


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Elaf: “Behind the Scenes”, an Emirati film by Emirati writer and poet Shahnaz Al Bastaki, and directed by Qaiz Tahol, will be released in Emirati and Arab cinemas, scheduled to open on October 24 at Reel Cinema, followed by Vox Cinemas at Mall of the Emirates, Dubai and Festival City, Abu Dhabi. 26 with its various headquarters at Yas Mall and Al Jahia Mall in Sharjah.
After that, it will begin screening in early November in Egyptian theaters, followed by a screening in Saudi Arabia on November 2.
During an extended event that included a press conference at Reel Cinemas in Dubai Mall, the film’s opening and release dates, details and story were announced yesterday, starring Nesma Qazamel, actor Mohammad Kobashi. , Art Director Ahmad Rizk, and Director Qais Dahol participated in the conversation, in the presence of… prominent figures and a panel of social and business women, film heroes and actors, and creative experts, intellectuals, and media professionals. The conference was followed by the first screening of the film at Reel Cinema.
In his speech at the conference, Shahnaz Al Bastaki said: “I wanted the film to be attractive and full of content that promotes peace, values ​​and humanity. Detailed strategies and guidelines are necessary to create a balanced film content that reflects central social issues in its content and that can come within a new genre of films.” “
He added: “In this section, basic elements such as integrating knowledge, values ​​and principles, promoting human values, solving social problems and contributing to the upliftment of the civilization of the people should be added to the content of the film. In the end, a harmonious and precious combination plays an important role, supported by modern technology and suspense and artistic methods. Dimension for Cinemas.Hence, I hope these trends get wide support from all of us. I hope experts and judging panels will set the benchmarks for these elements and trends.
He continued: “My writing and production of the film “Behind the Scenes” started from that vision, I tried to find a different path in its content and form and tried to create an artistic composition with its rich content in its architecture. Within the plot and details of “Behind the Scenes” I integrated these visions in a harmonious way. Because of pouring.

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The film’s participants, including actors and technicians, spoke about its scenes and worlds during the conference: the film’s scenes were shot entirely in the United Arab Emirates, and the work is characterized by high-motion techniques. Its rich content and its operational methods are based on the use of all techniques to enrich and reflect the idea. The main thing it revolves around is the integration of goodness and positivity and justice, truth and beauty.
The main events of the 2022 film “Behind the Curtains” take place in a university campus, where a group of male and female students, along with their professors, are confined to various halls, corridors and corners. The university and in this regard, the character of Dr. Mona stands out as the main character in the film, she is active and active and seems to have many plans and ideas. This makes her colleague Dr. Rasheed feel jealous and envious, so he tries to stop her and uses many false arguments to repeatedly warn her against continuing the momentum of her dynamic energy.
The film “Behind the Scenes” is unique in an important and rare aspect as it contains rich cultural and literary content narrated and intensified through cultural lecture stations, poetry evenings and cultural competitions in which students and professors participate. Within the university, these events provide us with rich collections of knowledge, values, advice, stories and good trends and human aspects.
It is noteworthy that Nesma Ghazamel, Muhammad Kobashi, Ali Tayfour, Aya Helmi, Ahmed Khaled, Ahmed Youssef, Muhammad Al-Mansoori, Imad Girgis, Hussain Muhammad, Iman Al-Khetbi, Ronita Hatana, and Chitra Al-Sool have acted in the film. , Sayyid Abdo, Jamila al-Maghrabi, Khalifa. Al Madrushi. Managing Director Dilal Zabi, and Director of Photography Abdel Monim Al-Ebrahimi. and Inaj: Ahmed Risk. and Sound Engineer: Musa Al-Aynawy. Music: Modas Abu Hamdan.

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