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Emirates News Agency – Dubai Electronic Security Center develops “Razzam” cyber security application


DUBAI, October 13 / WAM / Dubai Digital’s Dubai Cyber ​​Security Center has announced the addition of new features and updates to the “Razam” Cyber ​​Security application launched during the “GESEC” exhibition in March 2023.

The process of continuously updating digital safety and security standards is one of the Centre’s priorities and its tireless efforts to develop unconventional solutions in the field of cyber security, and contribute to Dubai’s position as a sustainable, safe and reliable digital city. A global model in digital transformation.

New updates support the effectiveness of the “Razam” application in addressing cyber security challenges, expand the user base that can benefit from the application and make it available through various browsing programs, as “Razam” is made available to users by “Mozilla”. ” browser, “Firefox” and “Safari”. “Chrome” and “Edge”.

Users can download the app through the Chrome Store on PC and the App Store for iPhone users and the Arabic language support feature improves its effectiveness in using artificial intelligence techniques to protect internet users from harmful browsing sites and phishing sites. Ensure secure and reliable usage in real time.

Youssef Hamad Al Shaibani, CEO of Dubai Cyber ​​Security Center, said: We are proud of the efforts of young Emiratis in creating a pioneering app like Razam, as these dedicated efforts and progress will contribute to improving technological security. and reflects our commitment to national innovation, aligned with the direction of smart leadership to develop unconventional solutions to address cyber security challenges.

Al Shaibani added: We at the Dubai Electronic Security Center are committed to developing innovative solutions and initiatives to ensure the security of Dubai’s digital future and provide a more trusted environment that allows for secure information exchange over the internet that enhances Dubai’s global presence. Leadership in the field of digital and information technology and contributing to laying solid foundations for a secure digital city. .

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The idea of ​​the application is to add a network to identify malicious sites, unsafe browsing addresses and phishing sites on the Internet, scan web links and quickly identify them and take appropriate actions including sending alerts. Blocking users and suspicious sites.

“Razam” provides unparalleled speed and accuracy to any other application or program by monitoring insecure sites and adapting to evolving cyber threats through continuous cognitive updating of data. The online environment supports the principle of “free flow of information and openness” to enable users to enjoy safe and flexible access to the online environment, a key step of the Dubai Cyber ​​Security Strategy in its second session, in line with the principles. Internet, without worrying about harmful content on the network. It promotes a safe and supportive environment for innovation and the safe exchange of ideas, information and feedback.

“Rassam” serves all segments of society and uses artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data to detect unsafe websites, send visual alerts and automatically block malicious websites to ensure safe and reliable browsing. Future, it is one of the most popular applications. A process in the field of electronic security.

This application helps organizations and business sectors to carry out their operations safely and confidently by protecting against cyber threats and risks as well as traditional risks, especially knowledge and smart business sectors and future economic activities. – Based economy and investment in the digital economy, further enhancing Dubai’s digital resilience to a large extent. Its position as a digital and secure global hub for the wider and future economy.

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