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Behind the new mutant door .. Experts warn


Likely to continue Mutants As some health experts have warned, the new corona virus will appear even if all the world’s population are vaccinated against the virus.

Andrew Friedman, an educator for infectious diseases at Cardiff University School of Medicine, said that despite being vaccinated worldwide, the risk of new mutations could still be higher than some omega-3s.

“Future mutants may be more contagious or mild, but we’re not sure,” he said, according to CNBC.

Prevent new strain

Experts report that vaccines greatly protect people from serious infections and hospitalizations, and the fact that widespread vaccine protection will save millions of lives will also help prevent the emergence of new mutations. To experts.

So far, 58.6% of the world’s population has received at least one dose of the corona virus vaccine, and 9.28 billion doses worldwide, according to Ever World’s data.

It is noteworthy that the corona virus, which first appeared in China in late 2019, continued to evolve and develop during epidemics.

Mutant Omigron (Shutterstock)

Virus evolution

Some mutations have been shown to be very effective in transmitting the virus. Mutants such as alpha strain, first discovered in the UK in September 2020, have spread around the world.

The “delta” mutant, discovered in India in October 2020, was replaced by the alpha mutant.

Delta (Shterstock)

Delta (Shterstock)

According to growing studies conducted rapidly since its first appearance in South Africa in November 2021, the world is now battling the Omigran mutation, which is more contagious than the delta but less serious disease.

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The majority of adults are reported to have been fully vaccinated in rich countries such as Europe or the United States.

But data show that in low-income countries, only 8.5% of people receive at least one dose of the vaccine.

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