January 30, 2023

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Behind the scenes of the transfer of Embape to Real Madrid

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Paris Saint-Germain player Kylian Mbabane has confirmed that she will reveal her next goal in the next few days, in light of the expiration of her contract with Paris Saint-Germain at the end of the current season.

Mbappe has been in Madrid, the capital of Spain for the past few days, and appeared with his Moroccan counterpart Ashraf Hakimi at a restaurant near the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium.

According to the Spanish newspaper “Marca”, Mbappe completed all the details with Real Madrid last week, noting that the negotiations between the player and the Royal Club were not complicated, in light of Mbappe’s great desire to play for Meringue.

The newspaper confirmed that Mbappe’s recent visit to Madrid settled the deal, as Real Madrid general manager Jose Angel Sanchez was able to finish everything with the player.

The newspaper insisted that Angel Sanchez had canceled all his meetings with the agent of any other player in order to dedicate himself to Mbappe, noting that it was worth it.

The Spanish newspaper pointed out that Mbabane’s contract with Real Madrid was subject to a hefty fine of 5 years and that once he signed, the player and his agents would receive a grant of 200 million euros. His annual salary was higher than that of the Paris Saint-Germain officials. Jermaine had to renew her contract with the princes.