February 8, 2023

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Its counterpart in Saudi Arabia .. A "mysterious" gate on Mars and a great secret

Its counterpart in Saudi Arabia .. A “mysterious” gate on Mars and a great secret

In 2012, 10 years ago, the Curiosity rover captured an amazing image on the surface. TuesdayPublished last week (NASA), it looked like the entrance to a cave or the mouth of a cave on a rocky mountain on Mars.

Experts compared the entrance to the cemetery Pharaohs At EgyptAnd the film sparked controversy because it could indicate the existence of creatures on Earth The surface of the red planet.

A quick look at the image is enough to create an instant belief that it is a gateway that leads to a temporary storage. TuesdayOr “a door to a completely different world, to promote a science fiction movie or two” as the science warns.

One activist wrote on social media: “The mysterious image of a door carved into a rocky hill is very similar to the doors in the ruins of Madinah Saleh, as it leads to a building inside the hill. Saudi Arabia And in Petra Jordan“.

Madain Saleh was formerly known as the City of Al-Hijr. The gates at the archeological site are similar to the open gates on the surface of Mars.

Other experts fought against “speculation” and insisted that the gate appeared in the revolution, an accidental rock formation that appeared in the form of a gate.

The rock formation, such as a door or gateway, “can only appear in its entirety in our imagination because its visible height is not more than a few centimeters or inches, although it is difficult to detect from a photograph taken,” the scientific warning said.