May 19, 2022

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Belmadi: Qatar separated us by 10 seconds from the World Cup

Belmadi: Qatar separated us by 10 seconds from the World Cup

Algeria (dpa)

Djamel Belmadi, coach of the Algerian national football team, said he would decide his future as captain of the “Greens”, stressing that Qatar’s failure to reach the 2022 World Cup was very painful and sad for him as a person. To the Algerian people as a whole.
Algeria lost the race to qualify for the 2022 World Cup, winning 2-1 in the second leg of the decisive qualifying round for the World Cup on Tuesday evening, after losing 2-1 to their host Cameroon. Without answer.
At a press conference following the match, Belmadi responded to a question about his future: “I will accept my responsibilities and there will be results in the future. The main thing is not the individual, but the national team. Before making any decision, it is wise to think carefully and evaluate the work done.
He added: “We had 10 seconds to qualify for the World Cup and then we were suddenly knocked out, which was very painful and sad. We are all broken, I’m so sorry for the Algerian people, the family and fans who came to the stadium so early in the morning, and for my kids who love the national team so much.
He continued, “With due respect to the Cameroon national team, I do not think the best team qualified for the World Cup. We dominated the game and created a lot of opportunities, what more could have been done.
Belmadi expressed regret for some of the players who left the team due to age, and some said, “Ken Nasser, Sruqui, Tuba and Boudovy are the ones who can carry the torch to the better of the team.”
Belmadi criticized the African rulers and said they did not “value” his country, citing unfair decisions, accusing some Algerians, including journalists and critics, of acting against the interests of the national team, and “would be happy with this exemption.”

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