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Best apps to play songs without net on your mobile


There are many music applications that work without net which you can download from Play Store for Android and Apple Store for iPhone phones, but here we have selected the best and most used ones for you.

Offline song apps are very popular among people so that you can enjoy your favorite songs while walking long distances, in traffic or at home.

Spotify app
Despite the increased competition between music apps, Spotify app is still the best free offline music app in the arena. We can say that Spotify is the best and easy to use and it is the most popular and used song program. The app supports songs in all languages ​​and podcasts in addition to digital comics.

eSound Music Software
This application is considered one of my favorite applications for listening to songs, not only I liked it, but millions of people who have downloaded the application consider it one of the best applications for listening to songs without Net, and this is evident from the positive reviews. and comments on the Google Play Store.

eSound Music is a great alternative to Spotify with its paid features. After downloading and installing the app on your phone, you can create your own page featuring your favorite artists so that the app searches for their songs and presents them to you. This app has all the songs available online quickly without having to search for each song individually.

Music downloader
The special feature of music downloader program is that it helps you to search and listen to your favorite songs without net and I think this is what every music lover is looking for, so you don’t have to worry with this app. You can listen to all songs in high quality without internet.

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Google Play Music app
Play Music is a pre-installed offline music app on Android phones. The app was launched by Google in 2011 as a music streaming service and quickly gained popularity. Users using this app can download up to 50,000 of their own songs.

SoundCloud app
It is one of the largest music sharing communities with over 175 million monthly listeners. You can find any song or any piece of music you are looking for in this app. Whether you’re looking for Arabic or foreign songs, you’ll find them all here. The songs, these features and the app are completely free.

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