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Best offline games for phone


Phone is now a very important device that can be used for many tasks like making calls and chatting on social networks, reading and working, taking photos and viewing content, playing games. A small magic device that can easily meet the needs of most users.

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Since the phone does not leave our hands or bags, it is a great means of entertainment in free time or while waiting somewhere or inside the traffic, especially if it is connected to the Internet. If you don’t have internet, you can enjoy many free and paid games that don’t require internet connection. In our article, we review the best offline games for phones on Android and iOS operating systems.

Aalto’s Odyssey

Here we have the best free games for phone, a very fun classic game that offers you a fun run through the majestic desert. The gameplay is simple, all you have to do is glide over sand dunes, jump over ravines, and explore ancient ruins to uncover the secrets of a magical world. The game has some RPG elements, so you can customize the character, get new skills and try different types of skateboards.

Mini Metro

This game is specifically aimed at map nerds, as it’s a simple simulation puzzle game centered around tunneling, as the name suggests. Player builds metro tunnels in different countries of the world and tackles any problem that occurs in these tunnels. The game offers a unique design that combines simplicity and sometimes complexity, fun and sometimes boredom, but what everyone agrees on is its harmonious and magical music. It is an experience not to be missed and one of the best offline games for phone.

  • The game is available through my store for $0.99 Game Store and for Android App Store For iOS.
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Best offline games for phone

It is a dark adventure game that challenges the player to survive in a jungle full of traps, obstacles and enemies. The player controls a strange, fragile creature and traverses levels by turning, jumping and flying according to the laws of physics. In addition to fun gameplay and great art direction, the game offers the ability to play with up to four friends at the same time, and levels can be customized with almost complete freedom.


A simple platform puzzle game, the story revolves around a boy who enters a strange, monochromatic world called Limbo in search of his sister. The game relies on logic, perfect timing and quick reactions to deal with the disasters you face such as traps, monsters and machines. The game is characterized by its dark atmosphere and mysterious world, which makes it one of the best phone games without internet.

  • The game is available through my store for $3.99 Game Store and for Android App Store For iOS.

Race the Sun Challenge Edition

Best offline games for phone

You’re not just a player here, but a pilot who controls a solar-powered vehicle to chase the setting sun as fast as possible on amazing tracks. Try to increase your speed by crossing as many tracks as possible in a race against time before the sun disappears into the horizon and death becomes your inevitable fate. It’s a fun classic game with an intense arcade environment and fast-paced action that will challenge your mental skills, quick wit and precision of your movements.

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dead cells

Rude fans, this is your game! This indie classic stands out for its arcade art direction, brightly colored pixel graphics, brutal combat, and hours of fun and chaotic gameplay. Its phone experience may not be the best, but it’s not bad either. You can enjoy the game via Apple Arcade if you are a subscriber.

  • The game is available through my store for $8.99 Game Store and for Android App Store For iOS.

Stickman Master: Shadow Ninja

Best offline games for phone

You might think that offline games are less good than online games, but with advanced mechanics, unique artwork and amazing sound design, this game should change your view. In addition to platform gameplay elements, fast-paced action and changing levels, the game offers an amazing opportunity to explore and immerse yourself in a world full of fun, adventure and legendary ninja encounters. All this within an interactive environment and battle environment that will make you addicted to the game, even if you have an internet connection!

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