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Best Samsung Galaxy S 23 5G PLUS Phone Specifications, Prices and Features in Saudi Arabia


Every year, Samsung launches attractive new phones, and this year, Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus 5G surprised everyone with a new update in the “S” series of mobile phones, which has unique specifications. One of the leading devices in the Samsung lineup, so… the company has paid a lot of attention to the design of this phone, and the phone guarantees strong performance and unique specifications. Let's learn about the details through the following lines.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus 5G Phone Specifications

Let us know about the specifications of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus phone through the following lines, which are as follows:

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Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus Phone Versions

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus phone comes in more than one version that varies by location and RAM. The new editions are divided into:

Disadvantages of Samsung Galaxy S 23 5G Phone

Like any other phone, it has its drawbacks. Many users asked about the shortcomings of the phone, which include:

Samsung Galaxy S23 Five G Phone Price

Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus

The price of the phone in Saudi Arabia is around 2868 Saudi Riyals only.

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Is the S23 Ultra waterproof?

Yes, it can only be used underwater to a depth of 1.5 liters, based on experience, but it is not recommended for use on beaches.

What is the Samsung S23 Ultra phone price in Saudi Arabia?

The price of Samsung S23 phone is only around 4499 Saudi Riyals at Jarir Bookstore.

How much does the Samsung S24 Ultra cost in Egypt?

The price of Samsung Galaxy S24 in Egypt is about 37 thousand Egyptian pounds, the price in Saudi Riyals reaches about 4,500 Saudi Riyals.

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