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Beware of repeated infections from Corona.. Here are the most important risks


A new scientific study has found that repeated infections with COVID-19 after an initial infection carry multiple health risks, as repeated infections can cause new and sometimes persistent health problems.

After examining people who had been infected once, those who had been infected more than once, and a third group who had never been infected, the researchers identified 7 main risk factors.

The study showed that all those exposed to a new infection were at increased risk of medical complications, such as hospitalization or a longer stay before recovery or death.

Also, according to the information published by Poltsky website, this study has compiled 7 important points.

Exposure to health problems

The first point revealed an increase in the number of infectious substrains of the omicron variant BA.4 and BA.5, which would again be expected to increase rates of COVID-19 infection.

The second point indicates that a resurgence of SARS-CoV-2 infection may have a less severe outcome than the initial infection, but each infection presents a new opportunity for the virus to harm the body, which is more likely with each infection. Exposure to health problems.

Regarding the third point, the risk of developing medical problems in the first 30 days after infection with Covid-19, such as lung and heart disease, is high.

Contagious effect

In most cases, these risks persist for up to six months and increase with each subsequent injury. Although rebooting is mild, it can still be dangerous.

In parallel, doctors could not be sure how the infection affects the body, while point 4 revealed that the immune system is aware of the virus and is better able to deal with it the second or third time after a previous infection or vaccination. The severity of the covid infection can be reduced.

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The fifth point is that the first infection of Covid-19 weakens the immune system and weakens one or more organs in the patient’s body, causing complications that are not noticeable at first, and subsequent infections may cause more damage to those organs. Clearly for the appearance of signs of damage.

Meanwhile, point 6 revealed that the risk of re-infection with Covid-19 was seven times higher when omicron variants were prevalent than when the delta variant was dominant.

Treating a Corona patient - iStock

Treating a Corona patient – iStock

Elderly patients

The last point concluded that elderly patients have multiple conditions.

Repeated infections are less likely to increase health risk in a healthy 18-year-old than in an older person with underlying health problems.

Furthermore, patients who required medical attention when the infection recurred were more likely to develop symptoms than those who did not receive medical treatment and were not included in the study.

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