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Biden’s visit to Kiev is a direct extension of his confrontation with Putin


American writer, Jacob Hilburn, editor-in-chief of American National Interest magazine, believes that US President Joe Biden’s visit to Ukraine’s capital, Kiev, has directly escalated the conflict with Russian President Vladimir Putin and critics of the Republican Party. party in his country.

It can be said that Biden is completely on the side of Ukraine against Russia’s war with this country. His visit, not only to Kiev, but also to Warsaw, the capital of Poland, where he gave a speech about the war, marked a pivotal moment. Now more than ever, Biden is showing that he is a “War President.”

Brave man

In an analysis published by the National Interest, Hilborn says Biden’s critics want to portray him as an old man out of touch with contemporary realities. Senator Rick Scott, a Republican from Florida, recently described him as “lackluster,” but Biden’s bold visit to Kiev made it clear that there was no confusion, but real courage.

Not only that, but the visit proved Biden’s diplomatic acumen. As a result of the Cold War era, during the confrontation with the Soviet Union, Biden realized that he alone could exercise the leadership to strengthen the Western alliance, which crumbled under pressure from the Kremlin, but never disintegrated. . The alliance has returned to the future, and once again Moscow is trying to dismantle the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), hoping to establish its own new anti-Western world order.

Mr Hilburn says Biden is unmoved, saying he campaigned to renew American democracy but defended it even more abroad. The Ukrainian crisis sapped his strength, and allowed him to exploit the Western alliance’s frayed diplomatic and military powers to reassert American hegemony.

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Hilborn explained that the Polish Consul General in New York, Adrian Kubecki, told him, “President Biden’s visit to Ukraine, and then to Poland, reaffirms the strong commitment of the United States to the continued support of Ukraine and Ukrainians. War with Russia. This visit sends an important message to Poland and other allies (NATO) from the Eastern bloc that the security of the region is our common priority.

Poland and the nine Bucharest Group countries have an opportunity to discuss directly with President Biden the steps to be taken to improve NATO defense capabilities and security. This historic trip is an important step towards the end of the war between Russia and Ukraine.

Hilburn added that Biden’s emergence as a strong leader has not impressed his critics on the political right, who are quick to portray his arrival as based on false foundations or worse.

A member of the US House of Representatives, Marjorie Taylor, tweeted about the visit: “This is a huge shame. Henceforth, the US President has chosen Ukraine over America, while the American people are forced to pay for the Ukrainian government and its war. I cannot express the number of Americans who hate Joe Biden.

Biden takes on Russia

That’s the wrong choice, Hilborn said. Biden doesn’t prefer Ukraine to the U.S. Instead, he cautiously addresses Vladimir Putin’s ambitions to establish a new Russian empire that directly threatens Europe. In any case, the notion that the war is “Ukraine’s war,” as the lawmaker says, is false. He pointed out that Rep. Taylor was fabricating a fictional narrative that Ukraine was the worst country for the outbreak of war through its erratic behavior. He asked: Since when does defending mere existence become vulnerable?

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Hilburn confirmed that the Ukraine war would create a major divide in the ranks of the Republican Party, as Senator Mitch McConnell supports the war against Ukraine. Presidential candidates like Nikki Haley and (presumably) Mike Pompeo will attack Biden for being too soft on foreign policy, but others in the Republican Party lack the courage to support Kiev. For example, Donald Trump will promote a policy of cowardice toward the Kremlin, accusing Biden of complicating matters by not seeking a diplomatic solution, i.e. handing Ukraine on a silver platter as an integral part of Russia’s legitimate sphere of influence.

Giving in to Putin’s paranoid desire to wipe Ukraine off the map would herald the end of NATO, Hilborn said. Putin’s power inside Russia will be unshakeable, and the Baltic states will be next on his attack list. China, on the other hand, remains immune in its ambition to swallow up Taiwan and expel the US from the Asian arena as much as possible.

Hilborn concluded his analysis by saying that, with a trip to Kiev to mark the one-year anniversary of the Ukrainian-Russian war, Biden has shown that America is not, but rather is, right. On the battlefield.

• As a product of the Cold War era, during the conflict with the Soviet Union, Biden realized that no matter how much pressure the Kremlin put on him, he alone could exercise leadership to strengthen the Western alliance that did not crumble. .

• The Ukrainian crisis sapped Biden’s strength, allowing him to exploit the Western alliance’s depleted diplomatic and military powers to once again assert American hegemony.

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