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Biggest TV series in Saudi Arabia .. “The Resurrection of Witches” shooting begins


The shooting of the fantasy series “The Resurrection of Witches” has begun in Saudi Arabia, which is considered the biggest in the history of productions in the kingdom.

The series is sponsored by NEOM City and is characterized by its most expensive visual effects in Saudi drama, and its story is based on a series of fictional novels by Saudi author Osama Al-Muslim, which achieved high sales rates. its initiation.

The series, which includes 10 awards, features Saudi actors Ida Al-Khusay and Somaya Reda playing the two main roles.

The action sequences will be shot in 3 locations, each with a huge studio, specially designed and built; Including the largest studio for shooting outdoor scenes, was established in the kingdom.

And “MBC Studios” announced that the events of the series took place in the Arabian Peninsula in a very ancient time.

The story revolves around an epic struggle between two tribal magicians led by two heroic magicians, Afsar and Taja.

Growing up in a world dominated by male wizards who monopolize the science and teachings of magic among themselves, the rise to the top of the pyramid is not easy for two wizards.

Afsar and Daja overcome difficult circumstances to access and learn the secrets of magic and succeed in proving their superiority over men in this field.

And each of them may later create their own tribe of wizards and lead them to face the other in an epic battle aimed at gaining more supernatural powers to protect themselves.

Aida stars as the witch Afsar and Somaya as the witch Thuja, and the work is directed by Irish Emmy nominees Declan O’Tyer and Craig Pickles.

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Zainab Abu Al-Samh, General Manager of MBC Saudi Studios, said: “We are delighted to present a Saudi production of this scale and diversity in front of and behind the cameras, featuring Saudi and Saudi stars, stars and producers. Some of them are well-known and others are promising new faces.”

Abu Al-Sam added: “This series will turn some of these promising names into future stars, and I invite viewers who are fans of drama, fantasy, fables and big productions to follow this unprecedented work in the region, which provides a qualitative leap in fantasy and adventure in our Arab world.”

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