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Director of “Risala Al-Imam” Al-Laith Hajjo: The series was built on a large production page that provided all the skills.


Ali al-Kashudi wrote

Wednesday, April 19, 2023 01:00 AM

The director, Laith Hajjo, is a series director Imam’s message For the seventh day, he is now continuing to film the series at Media Production City, where he will film the final sequence, along with artist Khaled Al-Nabawi and other artists participating in the series. Imam’s news series tomorrow in Uri too.

Al-Laith Hajjo indicated that he was afraid of the experience of working in Egypt and that he had many projects, but he postponed them, however, the “Message of the Imam” series is one of the clearest and highest works. Target, and behind the series is a huge production company that provided all the necessary skills and all the artists the series needed.

“The Imam’s News” series starring Khaled Al-Nabawi will be shown on TMC channel screens at 6:30 PM, first replay at 6 AM and second replay at 11 AM. 12.15 midnight on CBC channel, Replay at 5 am, Al-Hayat channel at 10.45 pm, Re-broadcast at 9:15 am, followed by show at 6:30 pm on Watch It platform.

The series “The Imam’s Message” starring Khaled Al-Nabawi, Arwa Juda, Nisal Al-Shafi, Khaled Anwar, Walid Fawaz, Jihan Khalil, Hamza Al-Ayli, Ahmed Al-Rafay, Salma Abu Taif and an ensemble of stars from the Arab world, Especially the Syrians Khaled al-Kish and Haval Hamdi, the Jordanian Farah Bizizo and others. And the work is a visual and dialogic, writing workshop under the supervision of writer Muhammad Hisham Obeyah, directed by Syrian Laith Hajjo. , and produced by “Media Hub” – Sada and Jawhar.

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Apart from having linguistic notes for the scene, the production company decided to use the historical reference that accompanies the series team throughout the filming period, in addition to regularly reviewing episodes of the Islamic Research Academy at Al-Azhar Al-Sharif. , especially since the work is rendered in classical Arabic, bears witness to the artist’s training in the past.

Muhammad Hisham Obeyah, the general supervisor of the Imam’s news series, confirmed that the series chronicles the last 6 years of Imam al-Shafi’i’s life, his time in Egypt, and his impact on Egyptian civilization. Our day, we hope this serial gets the audience’s admiration after the effort put into it.

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