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Billie Eilish returns to her roots, releasing new songs on TV and 30s on guitar.

Billie Eilish returns to her roots, releasing new songs on TV and 30s on guitar.

Billie Eilish has delighted her fans after the surprise release of two new guitar tracks. According to People , Eilish has returned to her guitar roots after the 20-year-old My Future singer dropped a new two-track EP released on Thursday. , and is his first new music since the release of Happier Than Ever in July 2021.

The guitar tracks include the TV song that Eilish debuted at a concert in England last month, while the other new song is the 30th track. Both songs were written by Eilish and her brother Phineas, 24, who produced both.
“Phineas and I wanted it to be for you soon. So here they are!! I hope you like the songs and thank you for letting us share our music with you,” the star said in a statement. She added on Instagram: “A little surprise for you………I’m so glad they have them for you.”

A tale of two songs

The 30th song tells the story of a car accident on November 30 and his subsequent hospitalization, and the fear Eilish felt in the aftermath. Although the lyrics were written on December 30, it was her first song on More Than Happy.

For TV, Billy performed his European concerts inspired by the boyfriends performance of “Harry Styles” at Coachella before the song’s official release.
Eilish also mentioned that while these are the only two new songs he owns at the moment, he and his brother plan to make another album next year.
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